By Kirby Neumann-Rea • Of the News-Register • 

City to hold hearing on Three Mile Lane plan

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David S. Wall

As the 'Dullards of the $2Million Dollar Deficit' continue to heap on additional 'costs' to taxpayers, the poor McMinnvilleans consistently pray for relief but, the 'Three Mile Lane Plan (TMLP)' continues to metastasize like the malignant cancer that it is.

"[Kit] Johnston, who acknowledged he owns property along Three Mile Lane, said he fully supports the project."

I wonder why a 'Kit Johnston'-candidate for Yamhill County Commissioner would support TMLP?

The TMLP will enrich a few but will create unbridled havoc on McMinnvilleans especially, on McMinnville's General Fund.

The 'Dons' and Don-ettes' of the "Third Street Mafia' continue to feast, drink and enjoy all forms of merriment as they contemplate the riches they will receive from the spillover of the TMLP.

But, will they really profit? The TMLP is sure to make Third Street a "Ghost Town'. And...forget about any Federal funding for the Bypass which is envisioned to really enrich McMinnville.

McMinnvilleans may or may not understand and or appreciate the mountainous public debt 'Urban Renewal Agencies' can wrought upon taxpayers, enriching a handful of insiders who dance to the fiddler's tune.

Meanwhile...back in 'Deficit Central'...Mayor Hill, still glowing and dripping with remnants of accolades for 'this' or 'that' continues to dodge the $2Million Dollar deficit issue for FY22-23 as the Hot Springs in Utah warmly calls his name.

Yes, Mayor Hill, an integral player in the creation of McMinnville's 'Urban Renewal Agency'.

The News Register is to be condemned for pushing this article through so quickly before it fades into the NR's byzantine 'Archives'.

David S. Wall


all the not-so-clever names and phrases, makes it difficult to take your post(s)seriously.