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City closes parks restrooms

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Thanks again to the fentanyl smoking hobos who have now completely ruined both Wortman and City park for children and their families. Someone also cut down the swings at Wortman park so our children can no longer swing.


What’s the city’s answer to this….oh submit a letter to the council or come address the council at a meeting 🙄 No! How about start addressing the issue instead of sugar coating over it. This isn’t anything new it’s been going on for years. Anyone who pays taxes in this city should be able to go into the parks with their children or grandchildren and not have to be confronted by the homeless.
It’s a problem it’s been a problem and it’s not going away anytime soon. I will not give a cent to anyone who stands on a corner or a traffic divider asking for money. Why you might ask? Because there are jobs available and I worked crap jobs to provide for my family. That might sound callous or unsympathetic but it’s come to that for me and a lot of people. We have a mayor and a council who are elected to represent the city. It’s time they did their job!


It will only get worse when the city opens its 'low barrier' shelter (that means you can come drunk or high) just past the dip south of the police station on Adams. The city park will take on a whole new experience as the 24 hour waiting room.

Bill B

Talk about "negative behaviors". Check out "" The number of nightly thefts, assaults etc. is unacceptable.


Joel R

I hope Mayor Drabkin reads the comments in the NR.
This City is in desperate need of strong leadership to try to get it back on track. In my opinion, the guy before her was a friendly and gentle soul but with his hands-off, awe shucks, 'being mayor is my hobby' approach the city to begin to crumble and we lost our livability.
Please Mayor Drabkin, right the ship! Lead us back to what McMinnville used to be! Start with homelessness and graffiti...that's 90% of what's wrong.


Maddiesdaddy.... I agree 100%!!!!

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