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Case made for homeless shelter expansion

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I'm sure Dave Haugeberg doesn't live in a neighborhood where people trespass/pee on his lawn, litter or scare his grandchildren. Too bad for the rest of us.


"If the commission approves the expansion, he vowed to sell his house and move elsewhere."

Moving elsewhere is always an option.

Robert Lee

The neighborhood has plenty of drugs, crime, traffic, and poverty without blaming it on the Mission. Meanwhile, residents at the Mission are subject to drug testing and have rules pertaining to music, curfew, and various other controls whereas the neighborhood in general absolutely does not. You can go around any of the streets around there and see plenty of narrow parking on streets due to cars. One of the biggest problems is the house behind the mission and the house across the street that's running an auto shop out of his business. Meanwhile you have the storage units a block away on 14th that have units with 24 hour access with people there making noise all night. It's easy to blame the already disenfranchised. It amazes me that the same people the proclaim to be Christian and fight for prayer in the city council meetings are also people who don't want to help the least of us. Prosperity Theology and Dominion Theology run amok.


Robert, Actually, the only people fighting over the subject of opening invocations that may contain some prayers, are people seeking to put an end to what is and always has been a constitutional first amendment right, whether or not some choose to disagree.

Are some whom profess to be Christians actually not? Indeed there are!


To Lulu, you are most correct. Dave lives out of town. While he doesn't represent the Mission, he has some interest as he has a business downtown and would like to see less of a presence of homeless downtown. I can understand that. Our town is now centered as a place for people to come to and visit, go wine tasting etc. To miketubbs1, moving isn't always an option. In the case of Mr. Meader, it still requires selling a house, and a sale can be impacted by this proposed expansion. Robert Lee, every neighborhood has crime. Drugs are prevalent in almost any neighborhood, some more legal than others. Residents of the Mission should be subject to drug testing. They are at the mercy of an organization providing them shelter. Someone who is under the influence of drugs can change dramatically and quickly, as well as other factors that come into play. Say what you will about the Mission's supplied answers about curfew being a specific time, there are still people who loiter near and around the facility. This will increase with the expansion. I've only heard one loud noise in nearly 4 years from the storage units. That was a fire nearly 3 years ago. The most noise comes from construction staging lot at 14th and Lafayette Hwy. And no one is blaming the disenfranchised, what we are saying is why does the facility have to be enlarged in our neighborhood, why not find another lot in another neighborhood. You don't see anyone on the other side of town saying, "Here here here put another facility here" And further where any of you at the planning commission meeting? This is an emotional issue. Both sides. However, the criteria they must meet is not emotional. What was presented at the planning commission was very heavily based on the emotional points in support. For those of us against, it is not that we are uncaring or don't see the need we do.


How many of these people bought or moved into the area after this shelter was opened in the first place?

I've lived in McMinnville for almost 30 years and that area has always be littered with drugs & crime. Not the rate of south Ford but prevalent non the less. Seems trivial that the Mission is the scapegoat for lack of community policing. I'd be hard pressed to believe that tearing down a couple dilapidated houses with overgrown landscapes would impact your home value more negatively then staying with the said eyesores.

The mission keeps a cleaner appearance then when it was ran as a drop off point in the 90's. They always had trash out front, anytime it wasn't staffed people would just drop off overused and worn out useless crap instead of hauling it to the dump themselves.

Then you figure the conditions the city has imposed for said expansion, they can pull the plug at any given point if they are not met. Stroll the area, how many homeowners don't meet half the previsions they're imposing on a volunteer staffed outfit.

As for noise, you have storage units that operate multiple backyard mechanics out of it, a welding shop that typically runs from 6pm - 3am, a guy that runs a shop out of poll barn type structure next to his house, railroad tracks, and live on one of the busier streets in town being feed by Lafayette Ave, McDonald Lane, & the HS traffic.

Opposition has some merit, while most seems hypocritical & fear based.

Robert Lee

Well said Scooter.

Robert Lee

amyb, your comment is entirely consistent with a NIMBY attitude. The shelter is there. The changes they propose will improve the quality of the neighborhood. If you have another lot that you'd be willing to donate and can get approved for a shelter I'm sure that people would be willing to listen.

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