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Campers temporarily ordered off Marsh Lane

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If they can move for a day, they can move for good.


The city of McMinnville had a chance to vacate one side of the street on Marsh Lane and they threw the opportunity away. The people that pay taxes and are actually a productive part of society are tired of going to Joe Dancer and having to dodge derelict’s.

tagup when they move, they will just set up on a street somewhere else and the cycle starts all over...These people need to be given a designated spot or it's just a game of "Whack-a-mole".....which isn't a true solution IMO.


Drivers, quit honking your horns on Marsh Lane and waking up people who were sleeping. Or face expensive citations.


No, Tagup. That's called enabling. You pound an ultrasonic stake in the ground and the moles go away.


So what happened when they moved away from Doran drive?...They all went to YCAP or Marsh close that area and they will find somewhere else to park.....until they are offered an acceptable place, enforcement will only be moving the problem around.....

Bill B

I really don't get it. It's now Wednesday and there are no updates from the NR. I drove through the gauntlet yesterday morning and there was no indication that anyone had or intended to move. So the campers were ordered to move and they didn't. Why didn't Mac Pd then act on it?

Seems like more of the head in the sand behavior on the part of city leadership and the PD.


Homelessness is so “progressive.” Just wait until we get flooded with a bunch of illegals from Central America. Do gooding and bureaucracy has its downside and that’s what we’re seeing in progressive Mecca’s like Portland Seattle San Francisco and now McMinnville.


"Jacob Miller, one of the de facto leaders of the Dustin Court campers" Seriously?!?!? Laughable!!



I think honking your horn is a safety issue and should be encouraged when traveling through the shanty town on Marsh Lane. The vagrants have squeezed the road down to one lane with their ever expanding garbage heaps and junkers. The last time I went through there I almost ran over one of them who drunkenly stumbled out into the road from behind some dilapidated RV and a temporary structure of some sort. It’s a disgusting, filthy mess.

Cameras are a good start. Now they need to put up some of those super bright LED street lights up as well.

I would think that the local Probation Officers could do routine sweeps through there. It seems like a lot of their clientele are choosing to live there.

Such a shame to have such a beautiful part of our town ruined by these folks.


Thanks for calling them what they really are - campers.

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