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Bypass ceremony slated for Dec. 18

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why another “ceremony “ they already had a party, a ribbon cutting and are still not open why do they need another ceremony to tell us the date it will open ?
just open it


The party ODOT put on in October was not a ribbon cutting. It was an opportunity for the community to see, walk, run or ride a bike on the Bypass before it was opened. This is the "official" ribbon cutting ceremony.


I wish this thing would never open. Hwy 219/St. Paul hwy. is now going to be clogged up in addition to everything else. If they had built an overpass to go over the top of 219 and on to Springbrook rd. that would have been great, but instead all this traffic is going to dump out onto 219. Now the two stop lights will kill any traffic flow on 219 and we will have yet another traffic mess.


Thank goodness.

Excited to see the bypass finally open.

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