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Boquist faces inquiry on recent statements

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What a bunch of spineless sissy's instead of taking the spirit of the comments they choose to be offended and afraid. Born victims that lot are.


The spirit of the comments? He threatened to shoot cops. What happened to 'Blue Lives Matter'?


Expressing a desire to defend is not the same as threatening.


I love word play, defend not the same as threatening. If you were a young bachelor officer following orders to bring him in and you were knocking on his door, you might just feel some tiny bit of threat and danger. You in front of a door of an trained military guy.
Yeah. I know it is all theater, top to bottom.


Tom, you really could have covered far more. Like how using the OSP is illegal. Threatening such and also threatening to chain to a desk in an orange jumpsuit is also illegal. Freedom of speech. But more importantly it’s illegal to censure a legislator based on a speech on the Floor. Follow the laws.


I would like to see Mr. Boquist as our next governor . Maybe all the free give always from the liberals would go away. Maybe our taxes might go down. Maybe all the political games would go away . Maybe all the leftists would go back where they came from. Just maybe we could become the nice Ag and logging state we once were. A man like Mr. Boquist might be able to accomplish all that.


I seriously doubt if all the leftists came from elsewhere. I seriously doubt if everything would be perfect if everyone was a rightie. Do people really want our nation to become a military state? Do people really want to get rid of others that are different? I seem to remember a time in history when that was tried. Actually it happens in countries today. It is called communism.


Drew 1951 don’t get to wound up. This state is so far to the left right now it needs someone more to the right to bring it back to center. I’m more of a centrist than anything. I don’t want everyone to be the same but when a bunch of far left people are telling me how I should feel and take my tax money and spend it like drunken sailors on their pet projects I object to that. I feel like this state is headed right into to socialism with the people in charge right now. Take a trip to Venezuela and see how those folks are doing down there. The left wants everybody to think like them and I just want to be left alone to make my own decisions.


I don’t think anyone seriously thinks Mr. Boquist would have shot at an OSL trooper or even carried a weapon in any potential confrontation.

It’s unfortunate he felt a need to exacerbate this silly drama, nothing more than an ordinary policy disagreement, with over-the-top rhetoric.

But I guess that’s what he feels he needs to do to appeal to his voters, feeling like action heroes while wallowing in their victimhood. Conservatism has fallen far.


Boquist, another unhinged radical extremist on the right.


I think Mr Boquist went a little too far...but c'mon, he was just scoring political points and providing good political theater in the midst of a big political fray. This culture of fake outrage and 'I don't feel safe' garbage has really got to stop.


Silly drama? Went a little too far?

“Send bachelors and come heavily armed.”

(But hey – at least macho man suggested he didn’t want to create widows and orphans.)

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