By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Board takes a new vote; Kulla reverses earlier stand

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David S. Wall

From the article,

"Last week, commissioners received 58 letters in support of banning vaccination checks in the county, although not all of them were from county residents, and one was so heavily redacted it made its intent unclear.

“Dear Commissioners: I am a [redacted] I am also the [redacted.] I have been at the [redacted] since [redacted],” the letter said. “Prior to that I was [Redacted State University]. I have been a [redacted] for [redacted]. I am now faced with the loss of my employment and the career I loved because [redacted) is requiring covid-19 vaccine for all employees.”"

Was the News Register "denied" the "Original un-redacted Public Record?"

Who and for What Reason(s) was the aforementioned "Public Record" redacted?

David S. Wall


Thank you commissioner Kulla for as always acting with integrity.


While his counterparts continue to pack on the "pancake" on their cheeks, Kullah is content to just waffle through this debacle...


Does integrity mean nothing in today's world?


I hope Commissioner Kulla knows that MANY of us deeply appreciate his tenacity as he tries to maintain some semblance of sanity, integrity, and ACTUAL public service in County government. I am watching for recall petitions, it is a constant embarrassment to have non-responsive extremists controlling Yamhill’s agenda. Nearly every day we are subjected to a new outrage. Appalling!