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Attorneys present trail arguments to commissioners

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I think my biggest eye opener on this is that Sadlo represents the entire county, not just a Ken Wright. separately, we are seeing huge issues with run off and I’d like to understand how the trail is going to accommodate that. Last of all, if our county cannot handle, account for, help and get our homeless properly cared for, I don’t see how they’re going to monitor the trail. Show me that the county can do their job and that the rights of farmers are protected and not going to cause toxic run off I am game.


The county staff are running the show. The BOC rubber-stamps the show, based on what the county staff does not withhold, delays, or bury from their eyes. Obstruction of Justice? quasi-judicial matters?


Sadlo is a typical mouthpiece for the government. My guess is he probably has never farmed in his life and has no clue what kind of stress he’s causing farmers. His statement that 45 people are opposing the is trail is far from the truth. Kulla as usual comes off as smarter than everyone else with his numerous degrees in all subjects but common sense. He’s a small time farmer at best and yet he needs to ask farmers questions instead of the lawyer. This whole process has been a farce since it started. This is no time to spend taxpayer money on this White Elephant. To tell you how efficient our commissioners are on getting garbage cleaned up I emailed them about all the trash along Westside Road almost 5 months ago and it’s never been taken care of so I don’t know how they will ever keep their precious Trail picked up.

Christmas has Talons

I love how the NR tries to lift up their brain child Kulla by calling him a "farmer" when he in fact is a pot grower. It's not like it is a legitimate form of farming it contributes to the homelessness and destruction of society. Real farmers are feeding and clothing people not getting them high.


Are you two deciding who and what qualifies as 'legitimate farming' now?

I assume have the same attitude to all the hop farmers across the river?
Illegitimate also?

Christmas has Talons

All hopped up on hops, robbing a home for hop money, smoking hops, killed someone from driving on hops, gotta call my dealer for hops?

It appears you might be a customer of Kulla's because your ability to compare and contrast could use some polishing up.


So Christmas....what do you think hops are used for?......


Your inability to connect the dots is uncanny!

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