By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Attacker's actions were 'extensive and cruel'

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He planned it out over time, told people what he was going to do, got caught in the act, left his wallet on the scene, and was identified by his victim, who considered him a friend. And he still got a plea deal with reduced charges, no fines or court fees, and is guaranteed to be out of prison in 35 years or less, because he "took accountability". What does that even mean? Is he being rewarded for confessing? Because in the face of all that evidence it seems almost redundant.

It's sad about his brother but that in no way translates to "this [dehumanizing slur] deserves to die". Unless the life of a rapist/wanna be murderer is worth more than that of an apparently trusting woman. The incredibly vicious (and incompetent) criminal obviously thinks so, but for some reason I expected less sympathy from everyone else.


I agree with you bonny. 35 years doesn't seem like nearly long enough for something that horrific. But I'm not sure a jury trial (instead of a plea) would have changed the length of the sentence.


I predict this joker won't last too long in prison.


I am LITERALLY PRAYING the victim gets counseling. I hope she becomes a survivor, instead of a victim. I mean that in the most loving respectful way possible! She deserves peace.

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