By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Arguments scheduled in B&B state Supreme Court case

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This has been an issue in Yamhill County for many years, seems like 20. B&B's promote tourism to the area, which brings revenue to the area and can be done sustainably here because, it's the farm area people come to visit. It's not Portland for example.

I really believe the "Friends" of Yamhill is a double edged blade, they want farm land and to keep things sustainable, but at the same time, they lose focus on why people come to the area to begin with the benefits of having them come.

Guess we shall see ...


Don Dix

The number of times that the self-named friends have positively supported any land use change can easily be counted in one hand.


We can always just change the zoning/land use laws...if we want to.


More like "fiends" of Yamhill County... sheesh. Both of these properties are on working farmland. Thriving agrotourism businesses are GOOD for the county and highlight our incredible and diverse agriculture.

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