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Another home invader headed to prison

Defense attorney Carol Fredrick said Todd Shelton Jr. has scarred a lot of lives  ... his own, members of his family and his victims, to name a few.

“He can see the huge hole he has blasted in his life,” Shelton’s court-appointed attorney told the court at his Wednesday afternoon plea and sentencing hearing.

Yamhill County Circuit Court Judge Cal Tichenor sentenced the 30-year-old Lafayette resident to 10 years in prison for the role he played in an October home invasion in which father and son, Kerry and Logan Kinion, were severely beaten in their McMinnville home.

Shelton pleaded guilty to one count each of first-degree robbery, a Class A felony, and second-degree assault, a Class B felony. Twelve other counts, including first-degree assault, first-degree burglary, first-degree robbery, second-degree robbery and unlawful use of a weapon, were dismissed as part of the plea agreement between Fredrick and Deputy District Attorney Ladd Wiles.

Shelton was also found to be in violation of his probation on the underlying charges of failure to register as a sex offender, second-degree child neglect, possession of a controlled substance/ocycodone, delivery-manufacture of a schedule II controlled substance and delivery of a controlled substance/methamphetamine.

He drew a 10-month sentence, consecutive to the 10-year term, for the probation violations.

Wiles said the child neglect case stemmed from an incident in which his 2-year-old son was found wet, cold and wandering the streets of Lafayette.

Shelton was one of three men charged in connection with the home invasion.

Daniel Thornton, 29, also of Lafayette, pleaded guilty earlier to one count each of first-degree robbery, first-degree assault and second-degree assault, all felonies. He was also sentenced to 120 months in prison.

Jose “Joey” Diosdado, 23, of McMinnville, was indicted by a grand jury on the same 14 counts originally lodged against Shelton and Thornton. He is due for a plea and sentencing hearing Tuesday.

Investigators never established a motive. However, Thornton allegedly told a relative he believed the victims had ripped off a friend of his in a drug deal and was bent on settling the score.

The intruders struck Kerry Kinion with a hammer, fracturing one of his eye sockets. They struck Logan Kinion with a wrench, inflicting head cuts requiring multiple staples.

Logan, who attended the sentencing proceeding, said he didn’t know the three. He said he had no idea they were going to show up at the home he shared with his father.

“There was a knock on the door,” he said. “I heard my dad go to the door.

“Then, boom, I heard him go to the ground. I grabbed my knife, and there were three individuals in our house.”

Logan Kinion ended up stabbing Sheldon during the confrontation that ensued.

“I’ve heard a lot of false information,” he told Wiles. “You know, I know and the detectives know the truth.

“I’m not trying to put the slammer on anyone. I just want the truth to come out.”

Detective Toby Carver detailed the attack this way in a probable cause affidavit:

About 11 p.m., Kerry answered a knock on the front door, and a commotion ensued.

Believing his father was under attack, Logan grabbed a knife from his bedroom nightstand and headed for the living room. He saw three adult males hovering over Kerry and immediately set out to “save my dad’s life.”

Thornton, wielding the hammer, had Kerry pinned down. The other two men advanced on Logan, and Shelton assaulted him with a wrench.

Logan said he heard one of them tell his dad, “Give me your money.” Kerry said the man had a large tattoo on the side of his neck — a description matching Thornton.

Kerry sustained cuts on his right forearm and hand while pinned to the floor. He said it felt as if he was being cut with a knife, though he never saw one.

The attacker demanded money, but Kerry managed to get to his feet and flee out the front door.

Fredrick accused the Kinions of cleaning up the residence before heading to the Willamette Valley Medical Center for treatment. She suggested they wanted to eliminate evidence of drug activity.

When he got a chance to speak in his own behalf, Shelton broke down. At one point, he turned to look at his wife as she held their young son.

“My little boy will grow up not having a father,” he said, emotion in his voice. “My wife will have to handle the responsibilities. They are going to be punished more than I’m going to be punished.”

Shelton said he regretted ever taking up drugs and associating with a drug crowd. He said it had led him down a wrong path.

“I didn’t go there to do something like this,” he said of the home invasion. “I’m truly sorry I had any part in what happened.”

In addition to the prison time, Shelton will serve 36 months on post-prison supervision when he’s released from custody. He was fined $200 and must share in paying restitution of about $5,000 to the Kinions for medical expenses.

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