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Analysis: Mac lacks retail shopping, eateries

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Jeb Bladine

The apartment situation is changing somewhat, as in the past year the city of McMinnville has issued building permits for 186 apartment and townhouse units. Rental charges soon will be impact by the country's first statewide rent control law, approved by the 2019 Oregon Legislature.


Rent control is a disaster. Just research it.

I’m sure the NR editors are fans of this failed socialist policy.

Rents are already cheap here.


“Apartments rents are too low”. SERIOUSLY?! 100% of the people I work with complain about the high cost of rent. Take a single person, working full time, making $17 an hour. Their net take home pay is $1915 a month. After rent of $1300 a month, they have about $600 to pay for groceries, insurance, phone, gas, utilities, student loans, clothing, etc. And if they’re a single parent, factor in child care. I don’t know how they do it.


They make an excellent point about the food situation on 3 Mile Lane. During the mid to late 1990s my father spent a lot of time in the hospital out there and numerous people came from out of town, sometimes daily for weeks at a time, to visit. If they wanted to eat, they had three choices: the hospital cafeteria, the McDonald's across the street, or a complicated trip back into town. It's been over 20 years now and the situation is exactly the same. With the exception of a single extremely expensive organic cafe with only six or seven tables and crazy long wait times, there are no new food options for an area that carries more traffic every day.


Cubfan- you make a very good point!
And the posters here wonder why people are homeless....minimum wage in $11.25....not $17....

Bill B

Rent trend data in McMinnville, Oregon
McMinnville Average Rent
As of April 2019, average rent for an apartment in McMinnville, OR is $1086 which is a 0.83% increase from last year when the average rent was $1077 , and a 0.18% decrease from last month when the average rent was $1088.

One bedroom apartments in McMinnville rent for $1000 a month on average (a 30.3% increase from last year) and two bedroom apartment rents average $1105 (a 4.07% increase from last year).

Bill B

still not a whole lot left after rent and utilities

Jeb Bladine

Oregonborn, Newspaper editorial and op-ed column both were highly critical of the statewide rent control bill.


Please, let the new eateries be something other than Mexican. I will happily support an Indian or Thai restaurant.


“Aug 12 Beautiful Studio Home In Charming Community!! $3063 1br - 560ft2 - (san jose west) 0mi ”

Rents are only going to go UP UP UP because for people from California it’s a bargain here. Don’t like it ? Then MOVE away from the state!


Great--we can be another Tigard!


If the counsel is taking suggestions for restaurants, I'd like to see a sweet tomoatoes and a jamba juice.


Mac is loaded with food choices.

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