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Amity schools now enforcing mask mandate

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Question here, since when is trolling Facebook for comments and “quoting” them actual news reporting? I am a part of the community online where these non named comments were posted so I know who said what. Trade Street Tap House is not necessarily a bar, the mask mandate is not a law and responsible reporting is, apparently, a thing of the past.


Flex, the mask mandate is very much a law, and the entities subject to that law face penalties if they fail to implement it:


Aesquire it is not. According to the Oregon Health Authority website the Governor "announced a new rule". The Public Health Division - Chapter 333, specifically 333-019-1025 states, in several subsections, this is a rule. This could be why law enforcement, in several counties, have issued statements stating they are not going to enforce a rule, because it is not a law. OSHA penalties are different then fines for breaking the law.


Mr. Clark should be fired. Shame on him for putting the lives of an entire school district at risk because he cares more about his own ignorant beliefs. Shame on Ms. Jensen for using the Tap House Bar as her personal playground for her autistic son! And shame on the Tap House Bar for allowing this. What is wrong with you people? All of your behaviors clearly show that the kids are the least of your concerns.


I bet you I could tell you who it was...


Breelin: The Tap house, as noted, is not a bar. - The mask mandate is a rule not a Law as seen in the link Aesquire provided.....AND Mr. Clark is a good Leader. Why would he be fired for listening to his parents. No one said you couldn't wear a mask. If you wanted to wear a mask it was just fine. As usual, These two, like so many others who comment have no stinkin' clue as to what they speak.


This is a gossip piece. Sad to see it in the News Register.


Breelin, Mr. Clark has been the only administrator who listened to what the parents asked for, listened to the students who don't want to loose anymore than they already have, made the courageous decision masks would not be required to attend class. They were optional and no student was going to have their freedom of choice torn from them or for them to be punished.

Ms. Jensen didn't use the "Tap House Bar" as her personal playground. Obviously you know very little or nothing about Amity and it's community. The Tap House is the community living room, birthday parties, goodbye parties and celebrations have all been held there and all for the community to stop by and enjoy. It is a family place until a later hour when minors are required to leave. So are you saying holding it at Sharie's would be any better? They serve beer and have gambling. At least there were video games for the kids. Following an internet troll and one not doing their own research shows, the Tap House did not know of what was going on, they only knew that there was a large number of people there.

"kids are the least of your concerns," really? Have you EVER tried to make a sudden change with a child of normal behavior? They buck at the change. Children on any kind of spectrum require several days of the same routine, not just Thursday we don't have a mask at school and then Monday we do, or did you not know Amity was a four day school week? I am proud of what Ms. Jensen is doing, the parents who are supporting the school district and the Superintendent. Children are learning that their voice is able to be heard and they have people who will fight with them as well.


Flex, an administrative rule *is* a law. Statutes passed by congress or state legislatures are law. Opinions by state and federal appellate courts are law. Administrative rules are law (just ask the Tap House Bar owner about the OLCC’s rules, and what’ll happen to his liquor license if he violates them). Not all laws lead to criminal penalties if they’re violated, but that doesn’t mean they’re not laws.


Where is the data regarding the effectiveness of cloth masks and children? The CDC came out this summer with a study that ".. analyzed some 90,000 elementary students in 169 Georgia schools from November 16 to December 11, found that there was no statistically significant difference in schools that required students to wear masks compared to schools where masks were optional." - see link

Is there something new with the delta variant? Maybe, but I haven't seen any studies. I guess its the rules but I wish they'd cite specific studies, involving children, backing the requirements for clarification. Adults I get - children in the younger age groups, is murkier. If you look at practices overseas (e.g. Europe) many are differentiating their guidelines dependent upon age.

Bill B

@Robs Please provide a link to the actual CDC study rather than an article by some unknown entity.


Bill - see the discussion section, 2nd paragraph, of the CDC study.


When did being a commie marxist become a thing in this Country?
For me I will pass on that!

Bill B

@Robs - OK, I've read the report. The survey was far from a formal one and involved a relatively small number. Still those schools with mask equirements had 21% less positive cases. Bottom line CDC recommendation; " universal and correct use of masks can reduce SARS-CoV-2 transmission (6) and is a relatively low-cost and easily implemented strategy, findings in this report suggest universal and correct mask use is an important COVID-19 prevention strategy in schools as part of a multicomponent approach"


Bill - I agree regarding the author's reported limitations of the study but please note that lack of statistical significance is important. It means the reported 21% improvement, mathematically, is within the parameters of natural variation.

That said, not to get too far in the math weeds, a larger study could resolve that issue (e.g. bigger sample size). Of course, the same too could be said of numerous the controlled but generic medication studies that are not allowed to be discussed without risk of censorship. I have yet to understand the double-standard I've seen these past 18 months.


Aesquire, first off, thank you for pushing me to do my own digging- I have learned a lot. According to the Gubernatorial Executive Orders: Authorization, Provisions, Procedures, Table 4.5 Oregon Governor has implied authorization for executive orders, this mandate would only fall under a formal provision. With that being said according to the same table there is no formal review for legislative review for these implied authorizations. This is could be why the law enforcement, while following the mask mandate, are not enforcing punishment for it for those who are not.

The Liquor Control Act was signed by the Governor and thus created the OLCC. They have rules and regulations to keep people safe and as the Tap House has it posted outside and in that minors have to be out by a certain time, I am sure they are doing just fine.

So in this essence where not all laws have criminal penalties, and any kind of punishment for breaking the law is a penalty, does that mean that the old city ordinance, in Sheridan, outlawing spitting or coughing stuff up on the sidewalk means that anyone that spits should be arrested or fined? Or in Yamhill of outlawed "occult arts" such as giving advise or fortune telling should be fined?

The real pandemic isn't this virus, it is the insanity it has caused, people are disgusting towards each other. Rude, hateful, creating fear and just down right mean. Last year it was all about the hero's working in the hospitals without the vaccination and this year it's thanks but no thanks, get it or get out.

Why can't people be responsible for their own bodies and if they want to wear a mask and glove up then let it be their choice?