Along the Street: Taxes due May 17

Many people breathed a sigh of relief when Tax Day was postponed in April. Now they need to take a deep breath and get to work on finishing their tax forms, because taxes are due Monday, May 17.

Tax Day has been a much anticipated, and sometimes dreaded, annual event since 1913, when permanent federal income taxes were implemented. At first, taxes were due March 1, then the date was changed to March 15. Tax Day has been on or near April 15 since 1955.

Tax Day was delayed this year because of the coronavirus pandemic, which disrupted the economy and complicated tax filing for businesses and individuals. Many people had to report unemployment income or payments from a variety of jobs, for instance.

The date also was changed in 2020, when Tax Day was moved back to July 15.


Show postponed

The first Wine Country Builders Show, planned for June, has been postponed.

Organizers said they decided to postpone the show at least until fall because of the continuing coronavirus pandemic. Yamhill County had been moved to “low” risk, but has been returned to the “high” level.

When it happens, the show is expected to bring more than 50 area builders and tradespeople, as well as members of the public, to downtown McMinnville. It will include educational seminars and tours of historic buildings focusing on how they were renovated.

The Wine Country Builders Show also will be a fundraiser for Turtledove Shelters Inc., a local nonprofit company that builds portable shelters provided free to homeless people.

Casey Hostetler of Ignite Marketing is organizing the builders show along with Shannon Thorson, event chair and principal of the PNW Agency; CPA Melissa Jensen, vendor experience chair; and John Mead of Venetian Forge, chair of education and community good.

For more information, to the event website, www.winecountrybuildersshow.com, or look for it on Facebook or Instagram.


Downtown awards

McMinnville Downtown Association is accepting nominations for its 2021 awards program.

Nominations will be taken through May 15. Voting will start May 17.

Winners will be honored Thursday, June 24, at the annual MDA Awards and Piccadilly auction, which involves multiple opportunities to win prizes.

The categories are: Business of the Year, Outstanding Customer Service, Outstanding Building Improvement, Outstanding Marketing and Promotion, Best “COVID Pivot,” and Outstanding Partnership.

The seventh award category, new this year, is the Rose Marie Volunteer of the Year, named in honor of the late Rose Marie Caughran.

The former public library director was a tireless volunteer who served on MDA committees, planted and maintained street trees and raised money for the Start Making a Reader Today program.

The Piccadilly Auction is a type of fast-moving event in which people bid in increments of 25 cents and can win one or many prizes. Usually, such an auction is more about fun than about competition.

For more information or to nominate a business or individual, go to www.macdowntown.com.


Developing economy

McMinnville Economic Development Partnership will mark National Economic Development Week May 9 to 15.

MEDP is made up of the city, McMinnville Water & Light and the McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce. Joining it in celebrating Economic Development Week are the McMinnville Downtown Association, McMinnville Industrial Promotions and Visit McMinnville.

Together, the organizations work collaboratively to help ensure the economic growth and diversity of the community and contribute to the overall economic health of McMinnville, according to the MEDP.

“McMinnville’s economic vitality leaders promote economic well-being and quality of life for this community by creating, retaining and expanding jobs that facilitate growth, enhance wealth, and provide a stable tax base,” MEDP representatives said. “These partners do everything they can to support our local businesses, helping them through the hurdles of start-ups, nurturing their growth, and celebrating their longevity.”

MEDP and the other organizations also support entrepreneurism and the economy by offering networking, training courses, advisory services and research, publications, marketing, public policy advocacy and initiatives.

National Economic Development Week was created by the International Economic Development Council, the largest professional membership organization for economic developers, in 2016. It recognizes the role economic development has in creating vibrant communities with strong economies.

“As we continue to navigate the challenges and changes presented by Covid-19, it is such an important time to recognize the strength, grit, and dedication our community partners have demonstrated over the past 14 months,” said Tayler Brisbin, MEDP communications coordinator. “Economic development is a collaboration driven by community, industry, tourism and more ... it makes our town more vibrant and sustainable and it adds to our quality of life here.”

For more information, go to www.mcminnvillebusiness.com/medp-economic-development-week-2021.


Murdock grant

Murdock Charitable Trust has awarded a $69,120 grant to Linfield University for research into genes linked to skin cancer.

Murdock’s College Research Program for Natural Sciences/Life Sciences included Linfield in its distribution of funds for winter 2021.

The money goes to a project called “Molecular Basis of Skin Cancer, Associated Genetic Variants of the Melanocortin-1 Receptor Gene.”

Murdock has awarded 78 grants worth more than $14.5 million to nonprofits in the Northwest this year.

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"Dreaded" is too kind a word for the annual ritual of government theft. I would use "loathed."


Gosh Rot...you don’t like taxes?....Nike ( for example) paid zero in taxes while making an average 4.1 billion in income over the last 3 years......Maybe Biden is on to something?
Not so much government theft as a corporate free pass ......


Tag, that envy will kill you from stress one day. Why can't we all be like Nike? You won't even entertain the thought.


Envy? Hardly.....I don’t envy companies that don’t pull their weight but still enjoy the benefit of our society......There are at least 50-60 Fortune 500 companies that have zero federal tax liability......I don’t need to entertain the thought....it’s true!
If these entities ( parasites?) paid a reasonable amount from their billions in profits your individual tax bill would be less and you might not “loath” tax day quite as much.....
Why can’t we all be like Nike?....my question is why can’t Nike be more like us?


How is it, as a middle class family, we both claim zero and still owe almost $5k a year.........to me, zero means, we are giving them everything they are 'entitled' to, but apparently not.


The W-4 will only withhold taxes from your employment income....sounds like you may have other income to consider.

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