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Along the Street: Mac hospital most profitable in Oregon

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Of course they are the most profitable,they over charge and add items to the bill you never used!Always ask for a print out of your bill and take a look, Newberg Providence is the better choice any day they have real Dr.s there,recently my son went to the emergency room in mac with a painful swollen jaw,the Dr told him it was Bell's Palsy or a stroke after 3 hours of back and forth arguing my son left and by 9 the next morning was in surgery for a dangerously infected abscessed tooth,The Dentist said the emergency room Dr was incompetent and my son could have died from the infection. I would not recommend mac to anyone!


Willamette Valley Medical Center...a great place to die. I've driven by this hospital twice now to go to the ER at Providence Newberg since my previous visit detailed below.

The single evening I took my son there the medical staff including the MD in charge of the ER were so incompetent that I requested transfer to Providence Newberg. After the MD Janet Paquette had smoked a few more cigarettes I asked her what the plan was for treatment and she said just wait and see; I felt it a reasonable question since we had been there for hours and she wasn't communicating. She then lambasted me for wanting to leave when I asked for the transfer which just confirmed my decision to leave.

Unless someone is completely bleeding out keep driving to Newberg Providence.


One of the worst aspects of WVMC is if you are scheduled for a simple procedure (like a mammogram)after 5:00 p.m., you have to check-in at the Emergency desk. And it takes a l-o-n-g time. Very unprofessional.

Don Dix

A friend of mine had cataract surgery at WVMC (both eyes). His final bill was over $13K for the hospital and staff (not counting the eye surgeon). Out of pocket, his portion was about $3500.

I had the same surgery one month later at a clinic in Tualtin. My obligation was $1200, and the total bill was $6600.

Not only the price-gouge, but I was wide awake, in and out in an hour, and having both eyes done within 5 days. My friend was 'put under', and his second operation was a 3 full weeks later.

The clinic I chose has done approximately 500K of these operations. The anesthesiologist estimated he had given 20K numbing shots for this procedure. WVMC lags far behind in every aspect of this procedure, and yet they charge at least double for the same service.

The only similarity was the actual time spent 'in operation' -- under 10 minutes. However, I was walking out 10 minutes later, while my friend spent a couple hrs. in recovery.

My advice -- get a second opinion, ASAP!

Terry C

A few weeks ago one of my good friends became pretty ill, enough so that I took her to the ER. The level of care she received was outstanding. The care and compassion by the nurses and physician was super! We were continuously being informed of her status, what we were waiting for (labs), what the diagnosis was, and how they were going to treat it. Throughout the process, they checked in to make sure she was comfortable and to see if they could get her anything.

I have been a patient in the ER myself several years ago, and felt like I had good care then. But something has changed… for the better! There was an underlying sense that she was not just a person in a room, she was a patient that mattered.

Afterward, we both agreed that WVMC is living up to its motto: “You Matter. Amazing Care Every Time”.

We are fortunate to have such a quality facility so near to home!

Horse with no name

When profit is the goal, that's where the focus will be. Went once to ER on weekend, lousy experience but hefty bill. Go to Providence in Newberg if you want the best care around here. The headline should read "Wanna make some big bucks, open a hospital".