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Alleged sex abuser back in custody

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Finally! What a relief for a lot of people.


There were those that thought Jacob Miller was a saint, but obviously that is not the case. His days of free reign of terror are now over and the good people of McMinnville can rest easier.


After a thorough investigation there will undoubtedly be more victims identified. Miller is a sexual deviant and deserves the predatory label. His future victims will be the weak and vulnerable housed under Oregon's penal system. ODOC will do well to keep a close eye on this one and will undoubtedly have to segregate him away from others.


What I would like to know is to what degree Miller's wife/mother of his children was complicit in any of this? I can still recall how both Miller and her were present at City Council meetings, often stepping up to the mic. They seemed to be joined at the hip.

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