By Tom Henderson • Staff Writer • 

Air show gets (mostly) positive report

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There is no point in spending any time focused on what could have done better. It was a one-and-done event. It won't be back. I wish it would, but the Rose Festival Committee made it very clear before and after the event.

john fritter

Hmmm it doesn't seem they made that very clear to the people involved...we will see in a few months!!


Not sure where that came from.

The Rose Festival Committee has nothing to do with it. And the air show folks are extremely interested in moving the event to Mac.

Hillsboro is becomeing just too congested, both on the ground and in the air, to make the show viable there on a long-term basis. And Mac is about the only place around that combines the runway lengths, airport amenities and lighter air and ground traffic they are looking for.

I have talked to the head guy personally, and he's really intent on moving the show to Mac if he can work everything out.


I wish that the Air show was returning to Mac in 2020. However, if you visit their web-page it shows in Hillsboro next year in September, but with no dates announced yet. Perhaps there is still some hope..