By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

A facelift for Sheridan? City eyes Masonic Lodge in revitalization

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Let's face it: Sheridan is an ugly looking little town that most of Oregon tries to bypass on its way to the coast or back to Portland. A redevelopment of the downtown sounds like a good idea until you consider the cost involved and the fact that in another 25 - 50 years it will be once again a rundown, little town.


I disagree. Willamina is on the same by-pass highway, only 5 miles away, and has cleaned up and improved considerably.


Small towns in Yamhill County can change. Carlton was ugly in the 1970's and 1980's. People would buy a new sofa and pull the old one out to their front porch to use there. Carlton passed an ordinance against upholstered furniture on front porches (and other eyesores) and the town began to transform.


oldeee: While I do agree with your assessment of the present day state of Willamina, I would add that I prefer to avoid it if possible, as it is nothing but a glorified speed trap that lies between where I am and where I want to go. Numerous times I have tried to blink in order to miss it, but there it is.

Let me put it this way... You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig.


Oregonian: Your assessment of Carlton's history is only partially correct, in that during the 70s and 80s and even on into today, Carlton has been a sleepy. little, bedroom community and nothing more. Having lived in Carlton twice, I am in awe at the tremendous growth Carlton has had over the past couple of decades and a lot of that growth has been due (directly/indirectly) from the fact that Mac (the preferred destination for those seeking to relocate to Yamhill County) is so lacking in available housing and buildable lots, that clever and innovative developers set their sights on Carlton in order to make it a viable alternative and in that process they pressed for ordinance changes to help give a facelift to their investment. Apparently it worked as many people have opted for that "Great Little Town" feel.

A lot has changed in Carlton. The local Assembly of God Church is no more, having had its property subdivided into quality housing lots in the prime location there off of 3rd street. Various business and medical practices have come and gone, but storefront space is not easy to come by and does not last long, as the next entrepreneur is waiting in the wings to snatch up whatever opportunities present themselves.

Even with all of the actual and planned development in Carlton, it remains a sleepy, little, bedroom community. While it is a noticeable improvement, the removal of old sofas from front porches has only limitedly helped to spruce up the area, as Carlton's history of "casual living" continues on even with the new arrivals in the neighborhood. It has a homey feel, but it still seems to be lacking in the pristine touches that could separate it from the rest of the sleepy, little, bedroom communities that are littered across the Oregon countryside.


Hibb: I'm not clear how my assessment of Carlton is "only partially correct". Please post more and educate me.

I'm amazed you're from the YC area. Your comments have "California" written all over them.


Oregonian: For starters Carlton is still an ugly, little town...

Second, it will always be no matter how many ordinances they pass...

Lastly, California you say! How did you ever get to that conclusion? As an adult I moved to Bakersfield for less than a year and I beat feet back home to my folks place in Lake Oswego and I've never left the northwest since. You can keep your veiled insults to yourself the next time someone disagrees with you...


Thanks Hibb, that really helps. Please keep posting on every single article. Doing so is highly insightful regarding your unique view and outlook.

Your opinions are quite valuable to this site.