By Kirby Neumann-Rea • Of the News-Register • 

A clear need: Linfield Wildcat Pantry expands, serves numerous students

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Easy Writer

Maybe students who can't afford food shouldn't be attending a $40,000 a year university. Maybe they should get jobs. How incredibly odd.


Why are we feeding college students? Perhaps they could take time off to save money from their jobs. Also, there’s the Soup Kitchen at the Episcopal Church.


This is a bit of a head scratcher.. open 24 hours and at times unstaffed, which means anyone can take advantage of the schools generosity regardless of “need”. That’s fine since the school appears to be footing most of the bill. What I don’t understand is why YCAP got involved.


Head scratcher indeed. Kudoos to Linfield for seeing a need and trying to help. However, if Linfield students are paying $40,000 annual tuition, they are paying more for education than the ANNUAL income of many individuals in our community. Agree with tagup about YCAP's involvement. Seems to me there are other individuals locally who need a hand with food.


More like $60,000.
What a joke.

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