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Stopping By: Unleashed enthusiasm

Luna’s ears pricked up when she heard the most magical word. “Park!” said her mom, Fe Reynaga. What joy! What excitement! Luna jumped into the car. It was time — oh yes! — ...

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Stopping By: Where love lives

When Corvallis native Debbie Anvick first met fellow Oregon State University student Calvin Kearns, she saw a man who was kind and good, peaceful and stable. Perfect, in fact, except for one thing: He ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##Mia Audova leaps during practice in the Van de Veere dance rehearsal room at Gallery Theater.  Kathleen Van de Veere was her first teacher. This fall, Mia will start an intensive dance program in Philadelphia.

Stopping By: Good pointe

At age 12, Mia Audova left everything familiar — her home in Lafayette, her classroom at Patton Middle School, her family — in order to pursue her dream of becoming a prima ballerina. Only ...

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Stopping By: School resource officer enjoys teaching kids about law enforcement

While he’s there to enforce security, prevent and investigate crime, and make arrests when necessary, the role School Resource Officer Doug Cummins really relishes is that of educating students. He’s ...

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Stopping By: Parks offer peace, picnics and play

Only a few miles west of McMinnville, Ed Grenfell County Park offers a kind of quiet you won’t find in town — a musical quiet, lush with the rushing of Baker Creek, the singing and calling ...

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Stopping By: Wedding of a lifetime

Fourth proposal is the charm for McMinnville couple who prefer to do things their way.

Marcus Larson/News-Register##Jan Jones, center, calls out “cues” to tell dancers which steps to use. Beginners are in the front row, directly behind Jones, with more experienced dancers toward the back.

Stopping By: Step right up

One day, Jan Jones wasn’t a clogger. The next day, she was. She attended a clogging demonstration in Medford about 15 years ago. A group of people wearing shoes with metal taps bounced in rhythm ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##Dentist Adam
Diesburg shows his painting of an alien ship hovering over a farm - a scene reminiscent of
the famous 1950 Trent
sighting near Sheridan.
Diesburg displays his
artwork on the walls of his
McMinnville dental office.

Stopping By: Alien artistry

On a wall of Adam Diesburg’s dental office stands a cowboy, stern and stoic. Beside him, a creature from outer space reads him the riot act. The compact green creature — which Diesburg added ...

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Stopping By: Aboard the wide Missouri

Virgil Wray celebrated his 89th birthday at almost the same spot where he celebrated his 20th and 21st birthdays. But this time, there was a lot more fanfare. On March 10, Wray marked his birthday by ...

Tim Roberts at Linfield

Tim Roberts first came to McMinnville as a Linfield College student in the mid-1960s. He lived in Hewitt Hall. He first studied education, then shifted to the sciences, figuring that would help him get ...

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Cal Tichenor and the My Lai court martial

For Carroll “Cal” Tichenor, who retired from a military career as a Judge Advocate General’s Corps colonel, and from a subsequent civilian career as a Yamhill County Circuit Court judge, ...

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History buff

Kory Knutz studies Yamhill County’s past to learn how events and practices shaped what we do and say today

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Pair tie the knot at care center

Care home residents find true love in Sheridan.

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Waves and wings

Glenn Smith has survived a plane crash, battled 12-foot waves on Lake Tahoe and posed as a drug runner, all in the name of helping others

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Leadership and service

Serving others, community comes naturally for Yamhill-Carlton High School senior

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