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Rusty Rae/News-Register##Laura and Steve Hall contrast their life in Los Angeles with their current time in Oregon, where they raise alpacas while continuing Steve’s audio mastering business. The alpacas’ humming sound combined with the recording work led to their farm’s name, Buzznhum.

Stopping by: Humming along - Mac couple find harmony in music and alpacas

Alpacas are known for their endearing “humming” vocalizations, rather than barks, whinnies, or meows. Their hum is similar to sounds Steve Hall deals with daily as a mastering engineer for ...

Rusty Rae/News-Register##Bob Luoto grew up west of Carlton working for his father’s Luoto Logging Company and later founded Cross & Crown Logging. His three 
younger brothers worked in the logging industry, as well — brother John worked for Luoto Logging and Cross & Crown for 30 years, Dan 
is retired from his own logging company, and Randy still runs log trucks.

Stopping By: A life of faith and hard work

Longtime logger Bob Luoto looks back on a career setting chokers and setting examples

Rusty Rae/News-Register##Led by Marcia Stratman, members of the Hillside Chorus rehearse in the retirement center’s activity room. Singers say they enjoy both the music and the socializing as they prepare to perform songs such as “Side by Side.” The chorus will give a public concert May 7.

Stopping by: Hillside Chorus in perfect harmony

“My country, ’tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing…” members of the Hillside Chorus intoned, warming up for one of their Monday rehearsals. The same line again, ...

Rusty Rae/News-Register##Wilma Treick said her life has
been enriched by her work as an
elementary school teacher and her
travels. She lived in Germany in the
1960s and 1970s when her late
husband, Ed Treick, was a principal
with the U.S. Defense schools there,
and they traveled to Finland, Norway
and other countries with their five
children. R

Stopping By: Long Life Lessons

Born at the dawn of the Great Depression, Wilma Treick grew up knowing she had a choice of careers. Secretary. nurse. teacher. farmer’s wife. Her mother nixed the latter. “She didn’t ...

Rusty Rae/News-Register##Veteran Dave Cutter with his therapy dog, Lucy. “She’s all love,” he said.

Stopping by: Everyone loves Lucy

Big, affectionate Landseer dog brings joy to veterans

Rusty Rae/News-Register##Yamhill Valley Heritage Center Director Heather Farquhar stands next to one of the many vintage pieces of farm equipment in the museum’s collection. She said she enjoys working with museum volunteers and hopes to attract more visitors to see the exhibits.

Stopping By: Harboring history

Heritage center director Heather Farquhar says visiting a museum should be fun, relevant

Rachel Thompson/News-Register##Laura and Doug Fugere comfort each other under a memorial quilt for their daughter, Shanny, who was killed in a crash caused by an intoxicated driver. On the wall are a photo of Shanny, her ashes in a wooden box, and art made by Doug of Shanny’s footprints, among other artifacts. Bean, at right, along with their dog Trip have also been a comfort to the Fugeres.

Stopping By: Remembering Shanny

Saying Shanny Fugere was full of life is like saying a beach is full of grains of sand or the ocean is full of water, said her parents, Doug and Laura Fugere. Shanny enlivened every situation, whether ...

Rachel Thompson/News-Register##Jenny Kim, right, talks with her husband, Damon, and father Kenneth Kim, in back, in the family’s grocery and bento shop. As a child, Jenny played inside G&S Market, and now is learning more in order to be part of it. Staffing the counter is cashier Gabriel Ruiz Garcia.

Stopping By: Korean roots and a business legacy

Jenny Kim grew up speaking Korean in a family with deep roots in the Asian country — her grandparents and parents had immigrated from Korea and continued their language and customs after settling ...

Rusty Rae/News-Register##Emily Grosvenor, author of “Find Yourself at Home,” uses environmental psychology and the Chinese art of feng shui to arrange her books and other belongings to suit her personality. Her book leads others in doing so, in order to make them most comfortable in their own environment, she said.

Stopping By: The shape of home

Local author’s book focuses on ‘making conscious choices’ for domestic contentment

Rachel Thompson/News-Register##Bernadette Hansen, executive director of the Saturday Morning Breakfast program, picks up two portions of food to take to the serving line on Jan. 27. She said she likes meeting the people who come for nutritious meals. On the left is Kristy Rodriguez of Dayton, a student from Oregon Coast Community College, who enjoys volunteering regularly.

Stopping By: Song and service

Bernadette Hansen has been involved in many things, especially community service and environment-related programs. “I find things that are focused on helping others,” said Hansen, who is director ...

Rachel Thompson/News-Register##Esther Arellano and Eli Meek run through “Stoned Soul Picnic,” one of the songs the McMinnville High School Twilighters are doing this season. The tune was made popular by The 5th Dimension in the late 1960s. Arellano and Meek will join the Twilighters and other musicians to perform at “Swingin’ on a Star,” a fundraiser for K-12 music programs, on Saturday, Jan. 27.

Stopping By: Motivated by music

Two Twilighters and musical leaders look back on high school careers, relish upcoming shows

Rachel Thompson/News-Register##Tad Beckwith reads to his children, Jade, 7, and Sky, 10, stories about a young man — himself 25 years ago — who pedaled 10,000 miles making friends. Sometimes Beckwith works in lessons, such as the danger of taking shortcuts — something he learned in South America, on a narrow road that turned into a river during a downpour.

Stopping By: Cycles of friendship

Dayton man finds sustained meaning in his two-wheeled travels and ‘PeaceBike’ journals

Rusty Rae/News-Register##Tashi Haarsma, who moved to Amity from South Korea when she was 8, is grateful that the community embraced her family. She learned English from Amity schools, and now is a school nurse and athletic director at her alma mater, Amity High School.

Holiday Traditions: Finding Christmas and community in Amity

Before her first Christmas in Amity, Tashi Haarsma didn’t know what the holiday was all about. In South Korea, where she spent most of her first eight years, people didn’t celebrate with decorated ...

Starla Pointer/News-Register##McMinnville artist Isabelle Truchon shows off some of her smaller studies and ink drawings, including one of horses running and another of a horse silhouetted at the edge of a river.

Holiday Traditions: Artist savors Christmas as time to appreciate others’ gifts

Artist Isabelle Truchon of McMinnville may have her native Canada to thank for her creativity. Winters are cold in her native Montreal, the largest city in French-speaking Quebec. Stuck inside, ...

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