Submitted photoForester Glenn French gives a group of eager young tree planters their instructions for the day. In his hands is one of the packets of seedlings, wrapped in oiled paper, that the boys would be using for their plantings.

Thousands of children helped replant forest

Impact their efforts had went far beyond the new trees

Offbeat Oregon 8-19

Fire ‘blew up’ with shocking swiftness Forester’s warning saved many livesPerhaps the most interesting part of the story of Oregon’s Tillamook Burn of 1933 is not what happened, ...

Library of Congress
Smoke plume from the Tillamook Burn as seen from an aircraft in August 1933.

The big one

Logging crew’s unwise gamble sparked Tillamook Burn

Baker County LibraryPostmistress and Robinette Store owner Francis Carrithers with daughter, Diane, and their dog, Tojo, at the family store in the early 1950s.

Lost cities of Oregon

Thriving communities sank beneath lakes created by dams

Image: UO Libraries 
Pioneer Courthouse Square when it was under construction, in the summer of 1983. This photo was taken by architect Willard K. Martin, leader of the square’s design team.

Crystal palace or public space?

Pioneer Square idea created controversy in 1970s Portland

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Bridge-building scandal aroused fury of 1920s Portland

The public couldn’t help but wonder if there might have been more bids if the bidding process had been open for more than one day

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Mystery still surrounds story of public execution

The crime was so long ago, it's hard to know exactly what happened, or why