Boquist worries some mailed votes may arrive late

SALEM — Voters in Oregon mail in their ballots or leave them in official boxes, but a Republican state lawmaker said Friday more mailed votes may arrive past deadline because of U.S. Postal Service cutbacks that have slowed mail delivery in rural — and primarily Republican — areas.


Democrats aim to win supermajority in Oregon Legislature

SALEM — Democrats have a chance to win one more seat each in the state Senate and House in Tuesday's election.


Phishing attempts on Oregon election officials increase

SALEM — Oregon’s paper-ballot voting system in the state has never been more accurate or secure, though the number of phishing attempts targeting election officials has increased, the state’s elections director said.


Voters in 10 Oregon counties to vote on gun rights ordinance

PORTLAND — Voters in 10 Oregon counties will decide on Second Amendment Preservation Ordinances this Election Day. The ordinances state that county residents have the right to own semi-automatic weapons and high capacity magazines, and the right to own firearms without any registration requirement.