Letters to the Editor: September 8, 2017

Unions maligned The News-Register exhibited uncharacteristic cynicism in publishing the Cascade Policy Institute’s op-ed piece “Time to stop forcing union membership” Sept, 1 — ...

Letters to the Editor: September 1, 2017

Neighborhood threat Although I love the tourism that has helped make McMinnville such an interesting and prosperous community, the rise in the number of short-term and Airbnb rentals throughout our community ...

Letters to the Editor: August 25, 2017

Room tax benefits all County Commissioner Mary Starrett is a dedicated Libertarian who has never met a tax she liked, but in the real world, we need taxes to pay for services and infrastructure. Commissioners ...

Letters to the Editor: August 18, 2017

Letters from Rep. Ron Noble, Linda O'Hara, Steve Wozniak and Mike McCauley

Letters to the Editor: August 11, 2017

Peter and Linda Enticknap, and Anita Benson

Letters to the Editor: August 4, 2017

Is it really such a chore? To Councilor Remy Drabkin: During the July 25 council meeting, you expressed irritation because the city is not getting credit for what is being done about the homeless situation ...

Letters to the Editor: July 28, 2017

Letters from Sheila Hunter and Nancy Thornton

Letters to the Editor: July 21, 2017

Letters by Stuart Jacobson, John M. Dullivan, Edward Fuller, Sandra Ponto, Carol Ackerson and Alisa Owen

Letters to the Editor: July 14, 2017

Letters from Stephanie Stevens, Michael Burr, Sheila Hunter, Allen L. Six, Anthony Bell, Ricardo Small, Don Bowie, Sandl Till, Mike Sullivan, James Galbreath and Gloria LaFata

Letters to the Editor: July 7, 2017

They are invaders We have been invaded, and the invasion is not being resisted or dealt with. As cartoonist Walt Kelly’s Pogo once said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” The invaders ...

Letters to the Editor: June 30, 2017

Harvest of facts I was heartened to see the enthusiasm in the community about McMinnville High’s pathway program, as evidenced by letters to the editor voicing concerns about halting the horticulture ...

Letters to the Editor: June 23, 2017

Letters from Whitney Rich, Frank Mitchell, Ramsey McPhillips, Robin Zimmerman, Merilyn Reeves, Cameron Urnes, Liz Marlia-Stein and Alan Wenner.

Letters to the Editor: June 16, 2017

Letters from Dawn Tedder, Lee Vasquez, Fred Fawcett, David Terry and Kathy Beckwith

Can Stock photo / Graphic by N-R staff.

Letters to the Editor: Responses to Riverbend commentary

[Editor’s Note: Last week’s Viewpoints article by Paul Burns, “Riverbend’s story takes more than 140 letters,” generated a spirited response from readers in opposition to ...

Letters to the Editor: June 9Don Stackpole, 2017

Letters from Don Stackpole, Susan Meredith, Kathleen Bernards, Kris Bledsoe, Alisa Owen, Dan Katz, Dan Hilbert, Steven Roberts, Steve Sommerfeld, Lisa Bear, Elmer M. Werth and Milo Nakamura

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