Editorial Cartoons

Selected editorial cartoon from the News-Register Viewpoints section.

##The British drove the opium trade throughout Asia from the late 1700s to early 1900s. Pictured here, from Library of Congress files, is one of the ugly results — an opium den operating openly in Manila, Philippines.

Leland Thoburn: A legacy of drug exploitation

From East Asia to Oregon, greed has fueled opioid crises of the past and present

Whatchamacolumn: Long ago unveiling of downtown event

I remember waking at dawn, dressing silently, and sneaking out on a mission to see the early unveiling of long-awaited festivities. I watched tarps pulled off to reveal all manner of equipment, table-top ...

Image: Oregonian##William Rector and Charles Montgomery as they appeared in court during their trial.

Offbeat Oregon: Body-snatchers planned to hold ex-mayor’s corpse for ransom

The 19th century was a kind of golden age of body snatching. Digging up the freshly dead to cash the corpses in at the back door of a nearby medical school was — well, not common exactly, but far ...

Scott Shackelford, et al: Seabed mining raises concerns about unexplored ecosystem

By SCOTT SHACKELFORD, DAVID BOSCO, CHRISTIANA OCHOA & KERRY KRUTILLA Of Indiana University As companies race to expand renewable energy and the batteries to store it, finding sufficient amounts ...

Natalie Wood: Housing alone is not enough

By NATALIE WOOD Of the Catholic Charities of Oregon The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. told us, “A true revolution of values will soon cause us to question the fairness and justice of many of ...

Jeb Bladine: The sun never sets on 'Sunshine Week'

This may be the end of “Sunshine Week,” but the sun never sets on the importance of retaining and expanding access to government public records. Media organizations often join and lead others ...

Randy Stapilus: A better way to manage water

Idaho leading way with comprehensive approach; Oregon should look to follow

Melinda Burrell: Trouble in town? Send in the maroon people

By MELINDA BURRELL Somewhere in Dayton, Ohio, a 13-year-old girl was sassing her mom for expressing concern about strangers she had been talking to on her phone. When the mom reached over and snatched ...

NASA photo##The Thwaites Glacier along the coast of West Antarctica.

The Conversation: Antarctica's riskiest glacier under assault from below

By TED SCAMBOS Of the University of Colorado Flying over Antarctica, it’s hard to see what all the fuss is about. Like a gigantic wedding cake, the frosting of snow on top of the world’s ...

Bladine: Taxes remain one of life's certainties

I’ve always been conscious of taxes … sometimes, too conscious. I’ve recognized, criticized and avoided them; I’ve counted, occasionally praised and willingly paid them; for 50-plus ...

Wokeness just another way of saying kindness

“Wokeness” is what folks on the political right love to declare themselves as being against these days. But, what is it, really, that they oppose?

The term “woke” was derived from African American Vernacular English meaning alertness to racial prejudice. For those who have used the term positively, something I am not sure anyone actually does anymore, its meaning evolved to encompass awareness of other social inequities and forms of oppression such as sexism, misogyny, white privilege, the oppression of any minority person or community, and human and environmental predations of exploitive corporations

Lynn McCoy: Carter's work encouraged democracy

When former President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn founded the nonprofit Carter Center in 1982, one of their goals was to help Latin American countries — many of which were emerging from decades of military dictatorship — transition to democracies.


Submitted photo##Pie baker Laura Cattrall has taught at Patton Middle School for 11 years and, with her husband, Brian, finds ways to support community projects.

Back, and Forth: Pie auction serves to dish up a healthy taste of community

Pi Day is coming up March 14. But however you plan to observe it, I think I have you beat, thanks to my involvement in a recent pie night. A key lime came our way courtesy of the drama program at Patton ...

McCracken: The high price of vaccine freedom

I like numbers.

At a time when it seems as if nearly every question is answered with a subjectivity of dubious veracity, I find the reliability of numbers comforting.

Numbers are dispassionate. Numbers are honest. Numbers are neither Republican nor Democrat.

Numbers do not lie. They simply are. You either have the correct answer or you don’t.