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Youngsters can eat summer meals

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These meals tend to be high in vegetable oil, but low in animal fats. The PUFA oil is proven to be associated with diabetes and a whole host of health problems.


They are meals. And they are available. But they aint free. Their is no free lunch (or breakfast). Those who are getting up out of bed and going to work every morning and paying taxes are the ones who are paying for these meals.


I will gladly get out of bed each morning to make sure children are fed


I would be even more glad to see THE PARENTS get out of bed every morning to make sure their own kids are fed...but if they won't/can't, thank God for people like Lindsey!


Better yet-people plan ahead and don't have have children they can't afford to feed.


Joel2828 - How would you feel if you did get out of bed everyday to work and you still didn't make enough money to feed your kid? I'm sure many parents are very grateful for the food that fills their kid's stomach when they can't provide. Perhaps they will pay it forward someday when they can.


Mudstump, Those are the families I would be more than happy to buy meals for.
The vexing problem when it comes to these kind of free government handouts is how do you take care of the families who truly need it- those who are doing the best they can, without enabling other fully able bodied parents to stay home and drink Mt Dew and play video games all day? As Bill Clinton famously said "We need to figure out a way to turn welfare into a hand-up and not a handout." Wish I had the answer.

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