By Starla Pointer • Staff Writer • 

YC families hold protest on masks

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Good. The narrative is falling apart, just in time for mid-term elections.


In the minority and soon to be a moot point


So the school district had already made a decision to end masking before the "protest" took place, yet these people protested anyway. I wonder who organized that protest, aka photo op for our incompetent commissioners? The commissioners need to stay out of the school districts and get their own mess at the county straightened out.


Definitely a photo-op for the commissioners. That's why they used the children. Children are always the pawns for adult political agendas.

Don Dix

'Children are always the pawns for adult political agendas.' -- please remember that sentiment when the OEA uses the same tactic when asking for more money, more benefits, and less time spent on the job.

Bill B

"Crowd" - a large number of persons gathered closely together. Does this photo meet that definition? Slow news day, I guess.


Don Dix, your comment says a lot more about you than the OEA.


Look at that protest, probably those rotten commissioners we have trying for a photo op.

Nope, just left wing hate and hypocrisy.

Don Dix

Ajax -- so only those with whom you align may exploit youth for attention -- wow!


"Don't worry kids, my husband has great business that has all natural products that will cure you if you get sick with Covid-19. Now get real close together for my photo please!"


Another attempt by Starrett to manipulate the narrative. Those parents should be ashamed of having their children out there holding signs that some of them probably couldn't even read. A quick glance at the photo provided makes one wonder why the NR even bothered to waste some ink?!