By Starla Pointer • Staff Writer • 

Yamhill OKs new subdivision

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David S. Wall

From the article,

"...“We wouldn’t be here if we thought this would jeopardize the water supply in the city,” said Mark Hoyt, a lawyer representing developers Steve Reimann and Jay Locey...."

***Who on earth would believe the aforementioned statement?

***Was a water supply for the project obtained and discussed or does the residential development project rely on Turner Creek for their sole source of water?

From the article,

"... They promised to install new lines, some of which will replace badly leaking old pipes. And they said the residents of the new houses will pay both system development charges and monthly fees for their water, providing more money for improvements..."

***The authorization for the development project permitting [57] homes in Yamhill; a city with chronic, unreliable water availability, is an abomination.

***Has the City of Yamhill constructed an 'Enterprise Fund' which collects water revenues and dedicates funding for Public Works Capital Investment Projects (like replacing aged, failed infrastructure, colloquially referred to as 'leaky-pipes')?

***Yamhill is a perfect example of the need for a building moratorium until a reliable water supply is first secured.

***The aforementioned residential development project could easily morph into a catastrophic nightmare.

David S. Wall