By Starla Pointer • Staff Writer • 

Yamhill County schools switch to distance learning for fall

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A New Generation

Glad 'ol Betsy DeVos isn't interferig at this point.


Several questions arise...
[1] Where are the school districts getting the money to fund all these laptops?
[2] How will attendance, study, and personal interaction be facilitated online?
[3] Will the District host online study-chat rooms where a free exchange of ideas can be shared and encouraged?
[4] How will teacher effectiveness reviews be carried out? At what level will we hold our schools' teachers to?
[5] Who is going to foot the bill for home care? Students must be supervised and baby-sitters are not free (usually)and parents have to plod off to work....
Maybe we need Devos's leadership here too?


Betsy is too busy refusing to honor student loan forgiveness as required by law....
I’m sure her leadership comes from her vast history & experience with public school administration....( sarcasm intended)....

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