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Yamhill County employees' union declares impasse

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news junky

I hope the N-R checks the accuracy and completeness of Huffer's "5% across-the-board raise". Makes it sound like all the employees are gonna take home 5% more in their paycheck. Is that a completely honest statement?


That "impasse" is due in part to the tactics and deceit of the Yamhill County Employees Association. There is no evidence that will convince those that care that the union has participated in "good faith". Maybe that is the time we live, but I do recall when a man's word was his bond and people negotiated like people should. What's left but to strike? No one wins in that scenario, especially the County employees that decide to walk out.


news junky: "Is that a completely honest statement?"

My understanding after reading the article is that it is an honest offer, but thankfully the NR will undoubtedly address this concern on their next printing on Friday. We'll see....

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