By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Yamhill County Deputy DA charged in Curry County

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Holy Cow, is this really true? I almost wonder if someone hacked the NR and posted some fake news....

Mac Native 66

Sounds like Derson needs to step down as deputy DA and take some domestic violence classes that she has had others take over the years, as well as attend some AA meetings. I would also guess that she's getting paid for being on admin leave. Nothing like getting paid while being disciplined. Maybe we should pay the people who are in prison or jail for their bad choice they made.


Dresen singlehandedly destroyed her own career.


Mac Native 66, is the 66 your birth year? Dating yourself are you? (lol)
Anyhow, let us not make guesses about what DA Berry is or is not doing. Such obfuscation and subjective nonsense leads to emotive ignorant knee-jerk reactions.

Everyone is resumed innocent until proven guilt, even what will maybe a former DDA.


Many of us believe DA Barry's job entails doing zilch.
And technically, yes; Dresen is indeed resumed innocent.


lulu - speak for yourself, as you do NOT speak for others in the county. You do not know what goes on in the DAs office nor how nor how it functions or what DA Berry's responsibilities are. You're nothing more than an armchair QB desperately seeking a social media award for keyboard warrior against DA Berry.


Are you the president of his fan club?


The mother is just out to get money! And maybe she has escalated the events. The bruising on his knees could be from many things, like falling on a scooter or bicycle. She is still innocent until proven guilty. I'm sure she is already ready starting to feel the consequences. She has lost her job.

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