By Logan Brandon • Sports Editor • 

Yamhelas Westsider Trail winds its way toward an uncertain future

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It would be SO awesome to have a trail like this. I’m excited about the opportunity. I had hoped that the rail line could be rebuilt so we could ride a train to Portland, but I’d be really happy with a trail.


The time is NOW to get this trail built. Public safety, wellness and economic tourism dollars will be enjoyed by the entire county and if the Vernonia Banks trail is any indication, the few (outspoken) farmers who are opposed will come to enjoy it too.


This trail is such an exciting opportunity. Change is hard and I think that is where much of the resistance stems from. But many similar trails now dot the country without negative impact to farmers. Instead it encourages safe recreation and would be a highlight of the area.


This trail will be a huge asset for our community. Locals and tourists will be able to enjoy safe outdoor recreation.


We are relatively new to Yamhill County. It's beauty and ruralness are it's assets, along with the kind people. The idea of a trail that we could walk, and experience the nature and agriculture is exciting. We walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain in 2005. The very best way to know a place, to walk through the land. The European Union protects the trail and contributes to the support of local agriculture. We can do that here! To a healthy Yamhill County!

Philip Higgins

The Trail represents a significant opportunity for jobs in an area that sorely needs economic prosperity. Dont be fooled by the farmers crying "wolf". All the reasons I have heard against the Trail dont stand up after a question or two, & the economic benefit from Outdoor Recreation and similar trails is widely available. Tell your Commissioners you want Economic Opportunity for ALL the citizens of Yamhill County.


This trail would be the best thing to happen in Yamhill County in decades, for the safe passage, the recreation, and the tourism it will provide. The farmers blocking it need to explain in detail how their farming practices are so different from those of thousands of other farmers all over the country (and the world) who are already sharing borders with similar trails that they can't possibly let the rest of us have this benefit.


Yamhill county is falling behind the progress many other areas in Oregon is embracing. This trail would not only be great for our community to visit, but it would be a destination for travelers looking for a walk through nature.
Providing a resource like this for our community and bringing more tourism to our area would be beneficial to bring our county forward.


This project for the entire community is worth being creative about. There are grant programs exactly intended for projects that increase safety, health and connectivity for communities. I am ready to help see this project move forward.


While I am a supporter of the trail, I think there are some legitimate access and security issues for adjacent land owners. This doesn’t need to be an all or nothing project, and I’m sure acceptable compromises can be developed....the trail would definitely be an economic benefit for both Carlton and Yamhill IMO....

Sally G

We're looking forward to this trail, especially for our kids and grandkids. We'll continue to support the effort financially, and we're hoping that our county commissioners will work with us. We have visited these kinds of trails in Europe -- most of the time they border on some farmland, and it hasn't been a problem for them.


Land use is always complicated, but the trail would be a huge health and economic benefit to the county, far exceeding the cost to taxpayers.

I get that the adjacent farms have issues, but they knew the right of way was there when they moved in. Wishful thinking and regrets don't change that.


The Yamhelas Westsider Trail would be such a huge asset to our community!

Marvin Bernards

As a farmer, I understand the opposition to the trail and their desire to live in peace in their secluded part of our world. I understand they have safety concerns over their pesticide use, over trespassing, and trash.
I believe that the county and the county commissioners have made a good faith effort to appease the opposition with out any give for the take that they have presented.
I also understand that there are 7 billion people on this world and we all have to get along in order to keep moving forward. It is inevitable that some of those 7 billion will end up wanting their piece of our dream right in my backyard, and your backyard. Parks and schools and apartments and single family homes are going to have to be put somewhere. It can only come from someone’s farm ground.
We are better off working together to make this world healthier and more relaxing for everyone.

I support the Yamhelas Westsider Trail.

Bill B

Well said Mr. Bernards.


The trail will be such a great asset to Yamhill County. A safe corridor for accessing our towns, a great place for recreation and exercise, and a beacon for local businesses. I pray that LUBA does not allow a vocal minority to crush this dream. There are many more supporters out there. Thanks for this great article.