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Wood trial to begin today

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She deserves the book thrown at her!!!!!


Judging by your handle, let’s let an impartial jury decide.

Bill B

Did you read the article? There is no jury!


Jury, judge, whatever. An impartial third party.

Don’t stroke out Billy.


Some of the hateful comments on this and previous articles about this case are pretty unsettling. I hope she get's a fair trial.


It will be interesting if her "self defense" argument holds up in light of what she reportedly told the deputy.......considering the possible emotions of a jury, I think she is smart to have the judge decide......


No surprise whatsoever she chose a judge over a jury. Her initial statements immediately following the shootings won't do her any favors. I only hope she receives the justice commensurate with her vile behavior.


This case is a great lesson to all...If a law enforcement officer ever try's to question you about a crime, whether you are guilty or not, the best answer is always "I would like to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. I respectfully decline to answer any questions and will be choosing to remain silent until I have an opportunity to speak to a lawyer. Thank you." Then no matter how tempting it is to try to talk your way out of it DON'T DO IT. Don't say a single word until you get to speak to your lawyer. They are pretty clever at trying to get you to talk, but it's just best to remain completely silent. Their will be plenty of time for talking after you have consulted with your lawyer.

john fritter

Or you could just THINK and make smart decisions! Then you would not find yourself having to "talk your way out" of anything. I find it a much better/easier way to live life. At least for me.

Bill B

Seems like Joel has experience with crime


Joel2828 - Good advice. Any lawyer will tell you to follow all police orders and respectfully remain silent. Also, should also state clearly that you don't consent to any searches. It is your right to do so and the smartest thing you can do on your own behalf. Let your lawyer handle it when and if it comes to court. The number one goal of the police officer is to make a case against you and they can and do lie to you to get you to incriminate yourself. First and foremost, however is don't break the law.


Wow! Are you implying the deputy supposedly lied to Nicole to get her to incriminate herself? She seemed happy to ‘ brag?’ About her actions. She was most likely assuming there wouldn’t be a problem with what she did, and said, to both the deputy and the TV reporter who did a story about her. Surprise! What she did was stupid! Pretty sure it was also against the law.I hope she has to pay a heavy penalty monetarily and emotionlly. Lock her up!!


Thanks Mudstump. You said perfectly what I was trying to say.
yamhillbilly, Mudstump didn't say that this particular deputy lied. I think you are right in that Ms Wood may have thought what she was did was legal and therefor unashamedly told the deputy everything. What mudstump is correctly saying is, that in general, the police are legally allowed to lie to you to trick you into confessing to a some rare cases they are so good at it that they can trick innocent and frightened people into confessing to something they didn't do. That's why it is so important to remain silent and let a lawyer take care of it. Lawyers are savvy about all the tricks police use and how the system works and can make sure that you are treated fairly. And as mudstump said, first and foremost OBEY THE LAW. But even law abiding citizens can sometimes be falsely accused and put into awful situations where they need a lawyer to protect them.


yamhillbilly2 - No...I was in no way implying that the police officers involved in her questioning did anything that was improper...whatsoever. Over the years I have tried to educate myself so I have the best understanding of my rights as a citizen. We have rights under the Constitution. You would be a fool to wave your rights and ignore the advice of an attorney. That's all I'm saying.


Mudstump, you state “You would be a fool to waive your rights and ignor the advice of an attorney”. Maybe she should have ignored her attorney’s advice to keep changing her story, right up to the end. Now she claims to have been protecting her escaped cat. Really sad! It seems she got some pretty poor advice.


yamhillbilly2 - Once someone talks without the advice of a lawyer...the lawyer can only try to help their client mitigate the damages. That's why it's important to know what to do to protect yourself. There a million ways you can trip yourself up when answering questions...especially in the heat of the moment. And, when they say "anything you say can be used against you" will. Even seemingly innocent comments. A good prosecutor can and will use every word to win a case against you.

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