By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Woman who intentionally struck victim with her car avoids prison

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sounds like attempted prison? Really?


I agree- a lighter sentence because the victim’s injuries were minor seems a little thin. Seems like her intent would hold more weight.


I've thought for a while that our traffic laws were too favorable toward killing pedestrians but this is a whole other level. Savage hit a woman deliberately with her car, fled the scene, and lied to police every step of the way, and it's okay because simple good luck prevented the victim from suffering serious injuries? No prison, and she keeps her driving privileges? This is not right.


She gets a Slap on the wrist for what I saw as attempted murder. This woman is a dateline episode awaiting to happen.

Bill B

I was under the impression that "Mandatory" meant mandatory. Guess not.


Headings will get justice in the civil suit against Savage.

Bill B

Oregonian - Not if it's proven that it was an "intentional act"

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