By Don Iler • News Editor • 

Wilsonville Road intersection headed toward mediation

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This is what happens when the elected commissioners are more worried about getting projects started under their clock. More worried about getting their "name on the plaque" than actually planning something 100%.Why is this even in the discussion at this stage in the game? Unbelievable poor/non-planning. Politics as usual in this county. I hope the folks in east Newberg enjoy the bottle neck as much as the folks in Dundee do.....


After a 30-year career in highway planning, I have to say that the Newberg-Dundee Bypass is one of the most poorly conceived projects I've seen (and I've seen some lulus). The N-D Bypass has been a political-real estate developers' boondoggle from the get-go and has only grown worse with the revelation that the east end of the current construction will dump all the Bypass traffic onto Highway 219 at Wilsonville Road. Wilsonville Road, of course is totally unsuitable as a major arterial. A disaster in the making.

The neighborhoods in south Newberg along the alignment in the S&P mill vicinity have been wrecked, and will suffer from the visual blight and noise of the highway and its overarching structures, and farmlands have been bisected, making them vulnerable to sprawling development.

Meanwhile, the west interchange in Dundee is the first of two gargantuan out-of-scale structures that will bracket Dundee in an asphalt jungle so ugly, that I wonder if Dundee will ever recover visually. Soon Dundee hotel guests will look out their 2nd story windows into the windows of passing vehicles on the highway overpass. Neighboring homes now have towering highway fills looming a few feet from their back doorsteps.

The greatest irony of all is that this albatross will be the Leslie Lewis "Highway to Nowhere" for a long time to come, while its proponents try to shake down the taxpayers for the next round of construction. The City of Newberg, with characteristic foresight, has not acquired right-of-way, and continues to approve land developments on the alignment that was to re-connect the Bypass to 99w. All that's left to do now is throw more of our good tax dollars after bad. Congratulations.


I agree with both of the above comments. Most everyone was jumping in line to have the most expensive project in Oregon history for a four mile stretch of roadway that easily could be a mess. Four travel lanes through Dundee for 1/10th the price would have solved the Dundee congestion. These new overpasses look terrible.

green magic

This thing is a absolute disaster. The day the "bypass" opens, traffic through Dundee and Newberg will not be positively affected at all. Craig is correct, Leslie Lewis was the champion of this disaster, and her surrogates in the County Commissioners seats now carry on her agendas. She never listened to any of the good alternatives that were proposed, only wanted to push her ideas through since in her mind no one else could possibly have a better idea than her. Has anyone ever thought of this concept? Instead of building a "bypass", 99W should be rerouted around Dundee and Newberg - effectively making the present 99W route into these downtowns an exit that you have to take off of 99W. You would not have a "fishhook" ugly, ineffective, and expensive mess at the west end of Dundee. I also agree, pushing four lanes through Dundee would have given some immediate relief while a real solution could have been designed. Leslie Lewis and her cronies didn't want to hear that solution stating that it was impossible. Nice excuse, but if that was really wanted then it could have been done. Hundreds of millions, if not ultimately billions will have been wasted by supposed conservatives. I say again, the day the bypass opens, thru traffic will not be positively impacted at all. A pretty expensive non-solution.


Leslie Lewis was the kiss of death for Yamhill County. What an embarrassment.