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Willamina man killed in Marion County crash

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So very sad. Prayers for all the loved ones affected.


If it was due to texting or phone, then every car should have a device that disables the drivers seat phone completely when car is in operation.


tdmur: The drivers seat phone... what is that, exactly?


I live in Newberg and work in Aurora. I never take McKay, now I take Champoeg - Arndt Road through Butteville. Is it really any wonder that that county road has now become a de facto expressway - its the exit ramp for i5 to Yamhill County. What we need is turn 99W and 18/22 into a full fledged freeway like i5 from Portland to Lincoln City. Stop with the anti freeway anti growth stance that is making our roads death traps!

David S. Wall

Both the House and Senate have passed [HB 3213] which sets up "safety corridors" to address excessive traffic in the back country interfering with farm machinery (Tractors, Combines, etc.)

I travel on McKay Road frequently and wonder why that road doesn't have "concrete K-rails" in the center-divide from Hwy 219 to I5.

More Police are also required to nail the crazy drivers.

I believe (12-14) people have died so far on McKay Road this year.

David S. Wall

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