By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Willamina board tables policy discussion involving Confederate flag

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And, the process of eliminating all memory of secession in the proles continues.


Please don't let students display images of racism or hate at school.


The Confederate Flag's relationship to hate should be a no-brainer.


I doubt the memory of 600,000+ dead Americans will be erased any time soon. I don't see how anyone can take pride in displaying the confederate flag unless one sees the confederacy as a missed opportunity. And, by default, a racially divided, white controlled south.

Don Dix

Secession from the U.S., as was the goal of the South in 1860, included several factors -- two of which were highly political -- the future of slavery, and interpretation of the Constitution (as well as Lincoln presidency). Of course, the political side responsible for the split deny the link, and now want to champion all complaints, serious and petty.

I have never considered the Confederate flag to be anything more than a symbol of a different time in this nations history (and the U of Mississippi). Only lately has this issue arisen, along with Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben's, etc. A year ago, none of this was an issue. Now many deem to have developed such tender, delicate feelings everything offends them.

Kris Kristofferson may have been a prophet when he wrote, 'freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose' for Janis Joplin (Me and Bobby McGee) -- we shouldn't let this go there.


Don Dix,
The Confederate flag was an issue a year ago and a decade ago and a hundred years ago. It is a symbol of treason. It is the flag of traitors who tried to tear the country apart for the sake of preserving slavery. Read the Articles of Secession for individual Confederate States. The all say point blank that the reason for seceding is the preservation of slavery. Most of them in the first paragraph. However, the flag wasn't that significant to Southerners until the 1960s when it was revived in protest of the Voting Rights Act. That's when it suddenly showed up at state capitals and became a popular symbol of "rebellion" among people with no former interest in their "heritage" and "Southern pride". It was a symbol of oppression in 1863 and 1963 and it's a symbol of oppression now.

Sadly, the Willamina school district was a hotbed of racism, ablism, bullying, and general cruelty when I attended (1980-1992, 17 years/0 lessons on the Civil War or Civil Rights,) and while I hoped things would have changed by now, I'm not surprised to learn they have not.

Don Dix

bonnybedlam wrote -- 'The (they) all say point blank that the reason for seceding is the preservation of slavery. '

I believe that was highlighted first in my post of reasons (future of slavery).

The state of Mississippi has flown that flag since 1894. The southern Ds and the KKK believed the flag symbolized their power.

Connect the dots -- southern Ds created the plantations and the KKK - which abused black laborers - men, women, and children (as well as resurrecting the flag). And today, who wishes to rewrite history, and wants no responsibility for causing the Civil War or the atrocities committed against the slaves? Yup! If one doesn't see the hypocrisy, one isn't paying attention.