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Whatchamacolumn: Take the plunge into tri-weekly E-Editions

I was about 40 when computers first absorbed our business operations, and less than enthusiastic about the changes. Over subsequent decades, my wealth of valuable and enjoyable computer experiences has been accompanied by countless instances of frustration, annoyance and total exasperation.

I get it. I sometimes want a “Back to the Future” car for transportation to 1985. I empathize with the many News-Register readers who have no intention whatsoever to read our community newspaper on its tri-weekly “e-edition” platform. I also sympathize with newspaper staffers – and readers – who are wrestling with the quirks of multiple computer software systems that have to talk nicely with each other to deliver those e-editions effectively.

We are working on it, every day. Some of those quirks seem fixed in concrete; others will be improved and explained in upcoming messages to readers.

Meanwhile, readers who ignore those Monday-Wednesday e-editions are missing some pretty good stuff. Just this week, for example, those editions included:


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High-interest stories about new McMinnville rules on homeless camping; county commissioners revisiting grants for childcare; a Michelbook-area neighborhood controversy; detailed reporting on a proposed 400-foot dam at the headwaters of Little Hells Canyon and Cedar creeks outside Newberg.

There were typically beautiful stories by Starla Pointer … one about former longtime County Counsel John Gray, who died last week; another about an event celebrating Terry Lucich’s 50 years as firefighter and chief in multiple local fire departments.

The e-editions included lively photo-story features on square dancing at McMinnville Grange Hall, Earth Day events and performance of “Anastasia” at Gallery Theater. Managing Editor Kirby Neumann-Rea contributed a Letter to Readers and his popular “Calendar of Quirk.”

Our weekly “Along the Street” reported on local business activities, and Monday’s four pages of sports news highlighted local athletes and teams. There were event calendars; display, classified and legal advertising; entertaining comics and more.

E-editions have other advantages: You can download and print individual pages and entire issues; you can word-search and view all N-R issues going back to Dec. 31, 2019.

We still believe in print … for a newsPAPER. Our Friday issue is growing, still including this weekly Viewpoints section.

Times have changed. Like it or not, newspapers have evolved into a combination of print and digital publications. We hope more adventuresome readers will take the e-edition plunge, and if you need help with that, just ask almost any pre-teen or teenager to show you the ropes!

Jeb Bladine can be reached at or 503-687-1223.


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