By Scott Unger • Of the News-Register • 

What’s next for former Ultimate RB property?

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I truly hope this works out better than it is playing out in my mind. Yikes!


What could you possibly go wrong. Oh yeah. The democrats in McMinnville spending money we didn’t have while democrats in DC burn the economy, and for that Matter, the country, down to the ground while starting WW3.

The brain trust paid $4.5 million for the property, let’s see what happens when the cost of a loaf of bread, if you can find one, becomes, $850,000.


We need housing in the city. This public / private partnership to flip this property is another step to help achieve that goal. I applaud this decision.


Gosh Bigfoot why so glum?
3Q GDP is up 4.9%.
US unemployment at 3.9% ( (Oregon 3.7%)
Those are decent numbers and a long way from “burning the economy down”.
US starting WW3?…seems unlikely to me.
As Sgt Hulka from the movie “Stripes” would say….. “lighten up Francis”


Ohh tagup. You know that Bigfoot doesn't ever respond to factual numbers. They like living in a world where all money is spent unwisely, that all potholes get filled by the pothole fairy and they never answer questions about this supposed waste of money.

You can just look at how well the County Commissioners are using our tax money. None of their buildings are falling down and are nearly condemned. They don't have issues paying their employees livable wages. And they even have enough money leftover to pay lawyers to fight lawsuits with fabricated boogymen and no basis in reality.

Bigfoot when was the last time anyone came to your door asking to take your guns? And before you respond I understand that you are locked and loaded and they'll have to pry them from your your cold dead hands. blahblahblah

Man I digress. Focus Scooter.

Public-Private partnerships often pave the way for exciting projects that truly address the needs of a community while allowing for the community to weigh in on what direction they would like to see a project go.

Why don't you take your blinders off and step out of the echo chamber and come be part of something. It does take an open mind and a willingness to participate. You are a thoughtful person or else you wouldn't comment on every single article that involves the city spending money. So I am sure you have something to give.

Don Dix

The city added a $13 'fee' on utility bills (to make up for a $2M debt they created) -- the city is now scheming to keep a fire district tax that was dedicated to support the fire dept., and nothing else (the city now has no fire dept.). After those recent underhanded moves, putting trust in the city government handling money prudently has become much more of a struggle.


You too Don?? I keep asking anyone and everyone where these supposed funds are going that you are pointing to? If you are angry that there is cost of living increases and material price increases that's not really the city's fault. Costs continue to rise and outpace income. So is the city supposed to just continue to do more with less. Or would you accept less services? However, you seem to be able to identify waste so let's hear it so we can put it towards something else you might support instead.


Scooter- I think creating a service charge for the city deficit was not ideal but acceptable. Unfortunately the current service charge has no sundown date. Should the city keep those funds forever, after the deficit has been eliminated? That seems like false advertising.
Same with the fire district, the reason for the levy is now gone…If the city budget needs additional funds it should be taken to the voters.

Don Dix

'Supposed funds'? No, it's 'millions of real dollars' collected from every property owner (on tax statements) for fire protection that the city will no longer finance. It's simple -- no McMinnville Fire Dept., no tax share for McMinnville Fire Dept.

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