By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

WestRock to sell Newberg paper mill site

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More and more subdivisions coming to Yamhill County but there are still no large employers - seems everyone commutes into Washington County / Portland and McMinnville people commute into Salem. We need some Costcoss and some Intel like factories in this county. We need more $$ here and diversify away from winery this and winery that.


You mean like a steel mill?, or a couple colleges?...or hospitals?.....vineyards and wineries are an important part of a larger agricultural community in Yamhill county......not sure a Costco would effectively take the place of the wine industry....
People in Yamhill county have commuted to Portland & Salem for decades.....not sure it’s a problem...


Newberg is a great city and it will grow and get better and better. A nice bedroom city, easy access to I5. What's not to like. A suburb. Lucky Newberg. McMinnville is far enough away and without easy access to I5 to retain its small town feeling.

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