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'We Have a Home'

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Just make it illegal to camp on public streets, which is what they’re doing, then fine them.

If they don’t pay their fines, tow their “RV’s”.

If they want it live in their vehicles, do it in an RV park so people trying to live in nice neighborhoods who have invested money and time in their neighborhoods, have to loose property value because of this lifestyle choice of an extreme minority.


What a bleak area. I feel sorry for the children being raised here.


I am fine with adults adopting a lifestyle or choosing to be a "hippie." However, when you bring children into this world it is only decent to provide a life which they are provided proper shelter, food, health care etc. Children don't get to choose their parents. What kind of future do these children have? Most likely, they will repeat a cycle of poverty. I don't believe for one moment these families are "thriving."

Mac Native 66

I found one of them living on Arrowood St. The city needs to put up NO PARKING OF VEHICLES OVER 7'signs along Doran Dr.


I feel your pain. Since last fall, there has been a string of vehicles and trailers, often loaded with junk, parked off Old Sheridan west of Mitchell, as well as parked cars right next to "no parking" signs in front of the apartments. I grew tired of complaining.


Living in an RV is a decent choice for some. I Have no problem with that. But parking that RV in a neighborhood is a problem. It is a safety issue on some roads. It makes it more difficult to sell our home. Buyers do not get a good impression seeing these homes parked on entry streets to a neighborhood, bringing down home values. We are bound by regulations set forth in our CCRs. You break those regulations and are not held accountable. That is unfair to us. Personally, We do not hate you. We have nothing against your lifestyle. But we do ask that you be as respectful of ours, and move your vehicles, as we can not move ours (or sell it) when your vehicles are parked in our neighborhood. The city needs to find areas in which you can park comfortably without harassment. Perhaps paved parking lots by permit, or RV parks for long term stays at reduced rates.


I've spent my life working and dreaming of a home to call my own. I am living the dream. I also dream of retirement and part timing in my RV. I see both sides, but with some minor differences. My home is an investment to the future of my wife, children and myself. Our well being and state of mind are important to life. Although I agree that your RV is your home and your not homeless, doesn't mean we as a community must accept your lifestyle choice and shouldn't have to accept you parking your rig just down the block from our investments. I applaud you for working to support your family and showing your children that an honest days work can be rewarding. I am leading the example to my family as well, even though it can be rough at times. I implore the city of McMinnville, our civic leaders and our community to help come up with solutions to these issues. There is enough name calling and abuse in this world, lets keep it out of our community that we ALL call home. Its seems to me that the Yamhill County Fairgrounds has a big safe graveled parking lot that is used for camping during shows and fairs. If I remember right it was even offered as camping for a certain eclipse viewing. It seems that the Fair Board is always needing money, so why not offer the use of said parking area for a percentage of income. This way if the outliers can't afford a $500 RV park they still have a place to park without having to move every 72 hours, homeowners will have less to worry about and the Fair Board and make a little money to help keep the lights on. Oh and I'm sure that there is some sort of BS red tape that won't allow it. We created this red tape, the laws that run our communities. If these laws and rules can be created then they can be recreated/amended. Evolution, Change, adapt.... be a part of it....embrace it....accept it....or we could have bigger issues further down the road.


If the homeowners' surnames names are included, so should those of the so-called outliers.
Regarding gun-toting Jacob, maybe he could use some of the time spent thumbing through Scriptures to hie himself over to WorkSource Oregon or Express Employment and start to grow up.


I hope Jacob has a valid Oregon CHL, through the Yamhill county Sheriffs office, because it is illegal to open carry a loaded handgun in McMinnville, on public property without one.
However, you can open carry an unloaded handgun without a CHL, but that kind of defeats the purpose.


Rick, I believe that is incorrect. A person may open carry in the State of Oregon, but in McMinnville City Parks your open carry must be unloaded.


Here is a link to the ordinance:


Folks should keep in mind that the principles of due process and equal protection are implicated in any effort the city undertakes to deal with vehicles parked overlong on city streets. I know many of my neighbors use our streets extensively from time to time throughout the year to store all kinds of personal property for extended periods of time, including of course cars, boats, and RVs. But also including trailers, building materials, and equipment. Just something to keep in mind.


We can coexist. No ONE owns Mother Earth.. These are people, these are humans, these are families. Do NOT HARM. Karma BITES...


Who is wearing the gun again?


And if you read the ordinance, he must have a CHL to legally open carry a loaded handgun on public property, however, he CAN legally open carry an UNLOADED handgun without a CHL.
Basically, I was just wondering if he was aware of the law.


Don't make five-children and then complain you don't have enough money to live in a house.

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