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Water task force focusing on irrigation, development

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Please shut all the wineries down l! I knew those things were awful for the environment. And once those things go then the progressives and their illegal workforce will scamper off back to California and we can get back to growing things that actually feed people.

tagup least you said please.....


tagup, they dried up California and now that they burned up and overpopulated their state they’re onto their next demolition project which is Oregon. Sad


So wineries and vineyards 1)"dried up California" 2) are the reason for overpopulation?

Pretty sure you will have some trouble proving those statements....

but it is convenient to be able to label "progressives" as a reason for all of the problems we are currently facing....
by the do realize that California produces a sizable majority of many of America's Fruits, vegetables and nuts...right?


I believe wine is considered a "food" and not a "spirit."

And tagup, have you been able to figure out why the label "progressive" is used to denigrate and condemn folks/ideas? I have always considered progress to be a desirable aspiration. (Different indoctrination perhaps?)


tagup, we are progressing to the very bottom. Vagrancy out of control, worst education system, the PERS fiasco and these progressives never saw a tax they didn’t embrace with open arms. And then you have truly stupid ideas like bike trails that cost a fortune to put in and then they can’t even maintain.. Add to that bringing in tons of illegals that you give all the free stuff too. SMH.


Appears that someone’s glass is filled to half-empty. Just curious, who are “these progressives” deserving of such scorn and degradation? (Difficult to understand or evaluate rancorous assertions in the absence of specifics.)


treefarmer, anyone with a D after their name connected to wine industry and former resident of the state to our south. They ruined their nest with overpopulation and burned it up and now they’re doing the same here.

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