By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Water & Light hears case for slight rate increase

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Kinda like be held at gun point in a back alley and being told " You're such a nice guy and I'm feeling so kind and benevolent, and I really don't need all that much money...tell ya what, I'll just take the $20 out of your wallet and leave the rest for you."


Who are these people? Do they picture themselves Gods on Mount Olympus looking down at a population of ants? Benevolent today, but watch out tomorrow...


Your hyperbole is overwrought, Lulu. If you don't know who they are, try attending a commission meeting. Instead of "Gods on Mount Olympus", you just might find honorable stewards of the public trust, who have maintained an outstanding example of a necessary public infrastructure, since it's founding 130 years ago. Your exaggerated fears are unfounded.


Good old boys.


Indeed. You're welcome.


We have some of the cheapest utilities in the country.

Quit squawking.


Who raised the sewer rate and for what purpose?


The sewer rate was raised by the city council - not the Water & Light Commission. They are two different entities. Again, regarding sewer charges, W & L is only the collecting agency. It has nothing to do with the sewer rates, or how that money is spent.

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