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Walking, cycling improvements planned along 99W in Mac

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What a harebrained idea. By all means, let's dump bikes and strollers and pedestrians into the mix with far too much traffic in an already congested area with vehicles entering and exiting businesses along 99W. There is no tradeoff, Ms Berman; this is a board game recipe for disaster, only with actual people maimed/killed in the process. Why this incessant planning?


All of those things you mention are already there.....recognizing the reality and considering improvements makes actually think planning for the future is a bad thing?


I am suggesting walkers, bikers and strollers have no safe place on 99W. We are being planned into oblivion around here--and primarily by people who won't be accessing these "improved" locations.


I think a lot of people would agree that pedestrians on 99W is not a great idea! So maybe you are an advocate of the greenway on Evans/Davis?
Seems like time spent on studying all options is the only way to develop a plan that works for everyone.

Bill B

As usual, I totally agree with you Lulu. My first thought was somebody has too much time on their hands to come up with an idea that is a recipe for disaster.


it is always interesting to read comments from people who have obviously not read the article on which they are commenting. Lulu and Bill B -- the very first words of the article are, "Public input is sought..." -- and half of the options, are routes that would take bikes and pedestrians further away from 99W. These routes are mentioned in the article, and detailed in the link provided. Maybe that's why "all the incessant planning?"


Ask the multitudes who supported the Westsider trail.
What "Planning" is suggesting has a name: a "highway diet," which entails subtracting one lane running on both sides of Hwy 99W. In exchange, it will install walking areas for pedestrians, bike lanes, greening up and slowing down the joint. Take a look at the strip "mini-malls" already in existence--ugly as sin, limited and awkward parking, frustrating access. McMinnville constantly invites new businesses. Would you site your company along this highway when your potential customers dread the thought of cramming themselves into a pizza place adjacent to a Verizon outlet next to some tattoo parlor? We don't live inside a leisurely Edith Wharton novel. If I wanted to live in Tigard, I'd move there. What happened to common sense? Public input, what a joke.

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