By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Violent Dayton assault results in prison term

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"When you get out, I want you to be the neighbor that we will not be frightened about." I think this kind, fatherly advice is one reason Stone should have resigned from the bench years ago. He made nothing clear to this idiot De La Garza or to anyone expecting justice.

On the other hand, Stone will most certainly never live in the same hood occupied by this piece of trash. Notice the DA's office opted not to prosecute at the higher Measure 11 level. Again, what an outrage.


Sometimes that's what people on the wrong road need, is fatherly advice! Absolutely nothing wrong with that!!!!

Bill B

Nothing new here. I've stopped reading the sentences given out by our local judiciary because they are so lenient. Of course that's principally due to a DA that refuses to be tough on crime. Do any readers truly believe that most of these repeat offenders will ever rehabilitate themselves?


This has been Stone's method from the outset for the most disgusting, outrageous crimes. Sometimes people need a come-to-Jesus behind the woodshed lecture, particularly after attempted murder.

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