By Rusty Rae • Sport Editor • 

Upset! Grizzlies fall to Aloha, 3-2 in OT

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I wasn't at this game, but as a long time soccer referee I note than an error has been made here, either during the game or in the reporting of it. It is reported above that "Denley hit a near perfect corner kick that found the net. But since it was an indirect kick, and did not touch another player on the way to the net, the goal was disallowed." This is the error, because a corner kick is NOT an indirect kick. Thus, IF Denley took a corner kick that went directly into the net, it was a goalthat should have been allowed! Either the referees got it wrong, or it was not a corner kick but an indirect kick instead, or the N-R reported this incident incorrectly. Which is it?

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