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Two Newberg School Board members quit

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David S. Wall

From the article, "Two Newberg School Board members quit"

Both Penner and Piros quit-after many people, who for some unknown reason(s), trusted and 'voted' for both of them. And then, they 'quit' because they didn't 'get their way'. For that reason alone, 'quitting' after convincing people to 'vote' for them...'good riddance'.

So, the last remaining 'crybabies' on the Newberg School Board are no-longer in our midst.


Make that a double.

David S. Wall


David S. Wall, here to represent the bigots, racists, and gaslighters in the Newberg Community. Slow Clap.

You're the only crybaby David. Your petulant rants and impotent tirades are your only lasting legacy. You will not be remembered.

M. Isaac

Ajax, you should know that David used to be a volunteer of the OSU Master Gardener program and seemed to be quite proud of that fact. On October 9, 2017 he was fired from that program by Kelli Watcherson of the OSU Extension Office. She stated in her e-mail to Yamhill County that he, ". . . was dismissed from our program after failure to uphold the OSU Volunteer Code of Conduct." Since he can't even handle the heady responsibilities of being a volunteer master gardener, most folks ignore him.