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Turkey Rama is out; 'BBB' festival is in

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Joel R

Times change. I guess that's just a fact of life.
So glad I got to live here back during the years when McMinnville was McMinnville. Great memories.


And some where along the way it was called "Mac-O-Rama". Probably before Turkey-Rama.


The Turkey Rama of old is no longer. Times change. And despite efforts to repackage it, rebrand it and give it CPR, it never really gained any traction. It's time to move on. Looking forward to this new festival!


Build Back Better... "bbb"


I'm always the one who will say it, so here it is. The current 'it' crowd did not want the carnival class of people downtown. Plain and simple. They have been pushing them out for years and so it's no surprise they have done away with a tradition that's only been around for 60 years. In 2019 McMenamins had at least 10-15 thousand people on third street on a Saturday in May for the UFO festival, the parade was like parting the red sea, and the county fair is packed every night its open.

The crowds are there, the crowds will come, with their family and their money to buy whatever's on sale, if you do it right and make them welcome. I guess Turkey Rama wasn't worth saving, so we'll knock it down and put a 4 story wine bar/music festival. Yeah, progress.


Change is hard but good. Embrace the past but a new foot forward is good for Mac.


Not sure how my post duplicated, but want to say CubsFan I’m with you from another CubsFan!


Jillid33....Go Cubbies!!


On to better things! Let's go!

Local Yokel

Old School T-Rama was incredible! Everything being downtown. Kids being able to run around and not worry about all the craziness they do today, adults being able to enjoy the adult part of it, the community coming out and having so much fun. That T-Rama went away a long time ago! Once the carnival was shifted to Lowes and then back and then the BBQ ended, it was time to pull the plug. On to new things!!!


It took a long time, but they finally killed Turkey Rama!!! Now we can have more wine festivals!!!

Don Dix

Charlie -- Exactly!

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