Tradition of gun ownership helps make America special

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This is incoherent. Simply on the level of basic grammar and syntax, the prose is often vague, with unclear antecedents and pronouns, and apostrophes indicating possession are missing as well. The reasoning is about as pathetic as the grammar and syntax, and undercuts the argument - well, what little there is of it - by the "writer". And the historical ignorance is, well, I'd say shocking. But then again, the "writer" is after all from Sheridan. It's all assertion with nothing to back it up, but then again, reads pretty much like one of the former president's* rants. Nothing. Rather like what rests between the "writer's" two ears . . .

One gets the impression he has never read the Constitution. Or, for that matter, read.

*Not really a president - not even really any more of a decent human being than Mr. Major's is a "writer". Sad! Like Mr. Major's prose . . . .


Great job, Joseph. I'm so proud of you for expressing your opinion. Peaseblossom has didn't watch you grow up in the McMinnville school system and struggle with your learning disabilities to master the art of reading, (which probably came really easy to her.)
I am busting my buttons and know that your Mom is looking down from heaven with pride at all that you've accomplished in your young life!

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