Tom Hastings & Sadkia Hosteler: Earth to Portland: Violence not the answer

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Don Dix

These two authors might be able to reach some with their efforts, but those who are bent on taking advantage of the situation won't even slow down. I did notice Trunp was mentioned (in a bad way), but nothing of our do-nothing gov. and the total puss mayor Wheeler. Those are the two who let the city burn -- nobody else.

I find it interesting that Oregon's gov. pleaded with the federal government (Obama and Trump) to remove the occupiers of the Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge in Harney County (2016). No physical damage was done to anything on the refuge during the 41 day occupation.

And yet, when Portland was subjected to over 100 consecutive days of protest -- many included assault, rioting, looting, vandalism, and arson -- the feds were told they were not welcome (by the same two fools in charge).

And then they pretend these things aren't political -- my ass!

Don Dix

Correction -- Trump had no part @ Malhuer


Don- you may want to brush up on the costs of the Malhuer occupation. Direct costs for repairs of facilities and filling trenches on an archeological site were between 1.7 & 2 million dollars.


And obviously somebody didn't see the film footage either?

Don Dix

As of Oct., the cost for police to patrol the summer protests was nearly $9M, $4M in June alone. Add in the cost of damage and destruction in Portland, businesses leaving forever, and a police force that is steadily shrinking (quit, relocate, retire) and the Malhuer repair costs pale in comparison. who needs film footage when actual facts are available?


Wait....you said “ No physical damage was done to anything on the refuge during the 41 day occupation “..That’s incorrect.....are we changing the subject now?


"what-about-ism" - a commonly used but ineffective diversionary tactic.

(And it is no surprise if no one wants to acknowledge facts that conflict with an "alternate" version of reality.)


Really Don? Amazingly ignorant!

Don Dix

You're right tagup - I stand corrected on the costs of Malhuer (federal land, federal dollars).

So it appears the 2020 summer in Portland wasn't nearly as devastating as the Malhuer occupation to some individuals. The subject was leadership's reaction to the two issues (Maihuer and Portland protests). Discussion or not, there was a distinct difference how each was handled -- and it's glaringly political (right wing, left wing) Comparing cost numbers magnifies the disjointed reaction of leadership, wouldn't it?

'whataboutism' -- the Urban Dictionary provides an interesting and telling definition of those who use the term in debate or discussion.


Let’s hope their “stop the violence” message reaches their fellow “peace warriors”.

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